Toilet Humor #2 (foul language)

Here comes to the second instalment of toilet humor… The first one is hiding at Toilet Humor (Foul Language).

So enjoy….

John The Aussie

John The Aussie

John The Aussie

John The Aussie

John The Aussie

Lastly I swear to the high heavens of whatever god you worship sits on that 6 blokes at work instantly applied for the following job advertised in the local paper.  Once they had done I had to explain the legal complications, major jail time, and probably a beating for ‘trialing’ the merchandise, as one would say.   Much to say however, they were very disappointed and decided even in the off chance they might get the job to decline it…

John The Aussie

~ by John the Aussie on July 8, 2012.

32 Responses to “Toilet Humor #2 (foul language)”

  1. “Why look up here for a joke when there’s one in your hand” … I almost fell outta my seat laughing!

  2. I loved the delicious randomness of the donkey remark. The ‘Here I Sit/What a Capper” is an interesting variation of one I’ve heard before.

  3. Pictures an amPutee rubbing his sore stub of a leg while reading that last One

  4. This is GREAT!!

  5. I would have peed myself had I read the donkey comment… which wouldn’t have been all that bad, considering the location.

  6. Dear Aussie,
    I think u may be going to hell like me. (50 shades )
    I love the brothel training ad…
    Do NOT phone or drop by.
    That is awesome right there*:)))

  7. I’m just a guy with a limerick reply…

    There are some weird words in the crapper,
    They’re done on a brown paper wrapper;
    They don’t rhyme at all,
    Like those on the wall,
    But the guy in the picture is quite dapper.

    Compliments of Humorous Interludes

  8. Very funny. I actually quote the first one all the time, only I substitute “emergency” for “mismanagement”. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week!

  9. How long did it take you to collect bathroom graffiti? Oh, and did you apply for the job? I think you are a natural fit.

    • It feels like forever!!! No I only just recently (last three months) decided it would be a different kind of hobby, and due to me having a phone on me at all times, it makes taking a picture easy. Otherwise I’d call all me mates while sitting upon the porcelain throne, and for some reason they don’t appreciate that.

      The job?? Hell no!! I worked as a floor manager in nightclubs for 3 years and the barmaids there were brutal. I learnt a lot from that one job, the main being, if women are in a work environment competing to get more earnings (and tips) than the lady/woman/girl next to them, the whole situation becomes cut throat… Like real serious issues.

      However I called my friend who works there (janitor) and they said a young bloke (around 25) got the job. I quote “This kids gotta be homosexual, he wears more mascara than the ladies and he’s more feminine than half the staff. Either that or he’s one of emu’s”

      “Emo’s, mate”

      “That’s what I said…”

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  11. I’m sorry, but this post seems a little shitty… 😀

  12. I’m with Terry, this is a crappy post.

  13. Hysterical! Love the job ad. What dumplings!!! 😉

    The second scrawling is particularly disgusting, he he! 🙂

    • That particluar photo I was sitting on the crapper (with paper) and took the photo with my phone. The bloke in the next stall asked if I just took a picture of him. I said I liked his shoes. He promptly flushed and left.

  14. (in a limericky sing songy way)

    I’m an old gal who loves toilet humors
    Around my ankles sit my bloomers
    Legs slightly apart
    Comes a delicate fart
    We oldies can out crap baby boomers

    ( god…that old tart…may she forgive me)

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