Toilet Humor (Foul Language)

John The AussieEver tried starting a new hobby and wonder to yourself how weird it would look to others?  Well, I never wondered and just started hobby because they looked weird.  I’ve always like reading the many jokes, puns, arguments and further graffiti on amenity walls.

So to put things in perspective, I’ve started taking photos of them.  I have never acted in the art(?) of writing on walls, never really thought of anything unoriginal… As you may notice, my humor and posts come from real life incidents… I can be a smartass, quick with the insulting responses, know a few good jokes, but can’t really express something unless prompted initially.

Anyways enough bullshit and let’s begin with the start of my collection.

By the way the picture on the left there is a male toilet symbol edited with a felt tip marker to resemble a lady’s toilet symbol.

John The Aussie

John The Aussie

John The Aussie


~ by John the Aussie on March 20, 2012.

11 Responses to “Toilet Humor (Foul Language)”

  1. ewww @ last pic hahahah epic

  2. Ha! I haven’t come across writing like these in years…

  3. That is so funny. My guy friends have actually mentioned how they hate when their dick touches the seat. Being a girl that thought never crossed my mind but that is disgusting. haha.

  4. I shared it on my facebook page –

  5. Hello,

    I found your site very interesting, congratulations!


  6. The last one is hilarious!

  7. […] Here comes to the second instalment of toilet humor… The first one is hiding at Toilet Humor (Foul Language). […]

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