Murphy’s Road Rules #021

It is alright when driving to portray your grievances at bad drivers by giving them ‘one finger salute’ while screaming out “Fuck You”.
However, it is imperative you are driving at least a 5-litre V8 with a crow bar in your lap.  For those with less experience, a firearm may be the better option…

~ by John the Aussie on December 19, 2012.

11 Responses to “Murphy’s Road Rules #021”

  1. That’s funny as hell!

  2. You killed me with this one!!
    Start giving ugly lessons. That kids lucky he’s alive.

  3. Hilarious John…..Hehehehehe….

  4. Great!

  5. That boy at the end is lucky she was not having a moody day or the little girl would have handed him his head. 🙂

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