Christmas in Australia 6 Sleeps to go!

What’s Christmas like in Australia?? Well it depends… If your by the beach… It’s like the this… (Not my video)

~ by John the Aussie on December 19, 2012.

19 Responses to “Christmas in Australia 6 Sleeps to go!”

  1. I’m all for the prawns and beer! What’s Christmas without a barbie or two!! Instead of roos we have flamingos.

  2. Give me a taste of Australian Christmas any day! I reckon it’s way better than the cold, damp, grey miserable cloud that lingers around the UK like some uninvited guest who won’t leave. And despite how depressing British weather can be, we still spend so much time moaning about it, which only makes us more depressed.

    Snow is nice, sort of, well, for a few minutes at least. And that’s IF we get any at all. And when we do it comes in 2 forms – a) slushy crap that lingers for a few days and fades away, no use to anyone. b) A few inches that brings the entire county to a halt because, after hundreds of years, we still don’t know how to cope when a few inches of the white stuff falls over night. The Russians must laugh their arses off every time they see on the news how the UK has stopped functioning over 4 inches of snow!

    So yeah, Aussie Christmas sounds marvellous. Hot weather. Outdoor eating. The beach. Barbecued food. Few beers. On Christmas day I’ll raise a glass or 10 to you fine Aussie folk!

    • Don’t get me wrong, I want a white Christmas sometime or another… But not every bloody year.

      If I get desperate for snow for a day, a snow machine will be cheaper than a flight.

  3. Christmas in Australia is hot and by the beach! Bondi in my case!

  4. I like the beach. Lately our Christmas’ have been warmer every year. I keep tellin’ people the equator is moving northward (on this side of the Earth). Soon, I’ll be able to have a barbie on Christmas too!!

  5. I think I wanna come see YOU for Xmas this year. Love the Barbies…Oh yeah and the beer too. Hehehehe….

  6. Love this too!…sharing. BTW…, no snow for me either. I’m in California. Actually heading out to San Diego on Christmas Day. Taking in the Wild Animal Park there, scooting around on Segways…, woo hoo!

  7. We live on Vancouver Island in BC and were lucky to escape the cold wet weather here for Chrissy in Adelaide last year. I’d give just about anything to be eating burgers (with beets and fried eggs) in the backyard with a Crownie this Christmas too. You guys do it right, mate!

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