Aussie Centipedes (Scroll down really really fast if you’re a wimp)

So a long time follower and followee asked me not to elaborate…  Marc Winger said “Your bugs are very primal down there. I freak out over a 3-4 inch centipede, I’d have to be put away for therapy if I saw a big spider crawling towards my head.”

I said “Centipedes come that small?”  Marc Winger said “NO! Don’t elaborate!”  I inserted evil laugh.

So this comes with a warning as did the spiders.   You either scroll down really fast with your eyes closed and tell me you were to scared to look at the pics of our beautiful wildlife, or actually enjoy these sought out pictures that I would like to share with you all…

Marc, I’d like to say that I am sorry, but It’d be a lie.


John The Aussie

While these are Giant African Millipedes, they are still throughout Australia.

Okay, Okay, one more Centipede just to ensure you understand how big they actually get.

John The Aussie

Yup, even that creeps me out a little.










really really quick…


~ by John the Aussie on October 14, 2012.

61 Responses to “Aussie Centipedes (Scroll down really really fast if you’re a wimp)”

  1. Those things are sick! Are they poisonous? They look like centipedes from Mexico, and those are deadly to humans.

  2. “NO! Don’t elaborate!” I inserted evil laugh.

    LMAO. This is awesome.

  3. The lizards in Florida would have those tiny critters for a snack.

  4. shiver!!!!!!!

  5. I didn’t scroll down really fast, but I want you to know, that doesn’t mean I’m not a wimp anyway!

    • Your braver than some. Ive got emails telling me they refused to even open the email notification.

  6. […] another model to paint up, so I my turn idle fingers toward that task tomorrow. Obviously to save Aussie John begging, I’ll post a few pictures of the mighty (if rather shabbily painted, though I am […]

  7. Oh we have lizards here too .. Big man eating ones … 😉 I haven’t actually seen many centipedes in real life so that was really cool .. we had millipedes everywhere in our house growing up – not ginormous ones like those though ! 😀

  8. I looked, but what a shudder the pictures gave me! I would freeze with fright if I saw one of those in person. Had a good laugh at your tag though. 🙂

    • Thanks Maddie! Crawlies don’t bother me much, slitheries do though. But only the poisonous ones….

  9. I’m one of the wimps. The minute I saw that first photo I knew I’d have to scroll down to the bottom really fast. Brrrrrr.

  10. WOW! How big are the house flies?

  11. Surprisingly, I found those pics less frightening than the spider, even though they have more legs to crawl over you!

  12. GROSS

  13. What exactly do they eat? Looks like they could carry you off into the night, lol. Hmmm, maybe I should get some to make the neighbours go away?

  14. I’m wondering, can you eat them?

    • If it ain’t poisonous or toxic or septic, you can eat it Down Under. Just depends how much shell ya are willin’ ta crunch in ya gob. And if ya are game enough ta pick ’em up.

  15. I’m terrified of insects, but this was actually pretty cool. Thanks for sharing and eliciting a wave of shivers and shudders over here! I shall share the horror and pass it along. 😉

  16. Ha ha…this Canuck family lived there for a year and one of those lovelies on the kitchen floor was my first intro to Aussie wildlife. Good thing creepy crawlies don’t bother us!

  17. Pretty cool …

  18. Just found your blog. Really wishing I had followed your advice and scrolled really fast past those. I’m really glad we don’t have those in my little corner of the U.S.

    • Welcome aboard, mate. I got in trouble for the lack of disclaimer on the spider post earlier, so added it into the title for those that don’t like creepy crawlies.

      • I’ll have to remember to really believe you when you put that disclaimer on there! Spiders and bugs don’t bother me to much unless they’re the size of my hand. (Your spider post falls under that actually!) Snakes and slithery things and any kind of rodent will do me in every single time.

      • Wait until tomorrow…

  19. I think one of the reasons Aussies are so much tougher than everyone else is that you guys have some serious nasty wildlife there. Every life form produces deadly toxins, is megasized. And then I’ve heard some of you walk around barefoot! LOL

  20. You are funny ‘mate’.

  21. That last photo is not an australian centipede..I’ve seen that photo before, it’s from another country….thats not your arm.I keep giant aussie pedes…they don’t get that big.

    • Aye, you are correct, it’s a humorous picture that has been circulating for years.

      I wanted some, but the wife decided it wouldn’t be a good idea with her there with bug spray.

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