Murphy’s Road Rules #002

At no point; no brief moment; no seconds of hesitation; and never under any circumstances should there be a correct safe distance between the front bumper / bull-bar / nudge-bar of your vehicle and the vehicle directly in front of you.  This will lead to some other driver to fill the gap instantly, putting you in an even more catastrophic and hazardous situation via closing the 3 metre (9foot) gap whilst doing 120km/hr (75miles/hr)  in an 80km/hr (50miles/hr) dual laned speed zone.  Do not back off!  This is a sign of weakness which will not be tolerated.

John The Aussie


~ by John the Aussie on October 13, 2012.

31 Responses to “Murphy’s Road Rules #002”

  1. Sigh.. so true.

  2. Ahhh, crap! Now I’m gonna have to turn my license in again!

    In all seriousness, is that semi trying to draft that… could it be a Hyundai? Let’s tuck this one under ‘scary shit’.

  3. Yeah that is scary. My sister in law used to do that and it would drive me crazy. I told her she was going to get in an accident. She finally got in one and now she doesn’t do it anymore.

  4. have a good weekend my friend!!

  5. In America, we call that “drafting” 😉

  6. The truck’s just ready to nudge the car along … it might have run out of gas after all!

  7. Tailgaters should be punished by a quick tramp on the brakes & the following insurance claim!

  8. ARgggg! Shared…

  9. It is just so intimidating when someone does that to you … my back seat passenger once flicked the finger at a truck driver who was doing that to me whilst I was driving … he was enraged and followed me off the motorway and into a petrol station. He came right into my face swearing and agressive whilst I was fuelling. It was very scary!

    • My tire iron sits beside my seat at all times. Once they are out of the mobile steel, they aren’t so tough anymore.

  10. We call those dummies, tailgaters, in the U.S.

    I’m just a guy with a poetic reply…

    Most drivers hate those who tailgate,
    A collision will soon be their ugly fate.
    And often they find,
    One too close behind,
    Like Sex driven autos attempting to mate

    Compliments of Humorous Interludes

  11. This goes back the law #1. Never use your blinkers. If you do the truck driver will notice you want to get in front of him and close the gap. A$$hat.

    • Yup. However when being tailgated by a truck he will back off when you turn your blinker on to turn off the road, but only enough to miss your rear end by a foot.

  12. Wow! … I know people do that to semi’s … but what does a semi get out of it from cars?

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