I’m Just a dumb Miner – whats your excuse? OH, your the judicial system

Over a decade ago a friend of mine passed away to an unexpected circumstance, leaving his wife and twin children behind.

I went around often (along with other friends and family of theirs), helping his wife occasionally with a few jobs my late friend use to take care of and accompanied the widow while she submitted paperwork.  Death certificate, insurances, superannuation, bank account closures, long service leave owing, holidays owing & even managed to get his sick days paid out.

After six months of things settling down and the widow adjusting to a new life, the widow received a letter addressed to my late friend who was (and is) still six-foot under.  The widow decided to call me.

“He’s bloody what?!”

The widow took a deep breath and sighed out “He’s been summoned for jury duty”

“Bloody drongos, righto I’ll be there in the morning.”

The next day after a cuppa and a few bikkies we headed of to the courthouse with the relevant document.  After an overly helpful lady sorted everything out within seven minutes at the counter (after and hour and a half wait in line) the widow was ensured confidently the judicial system was well aware of my friend had long since left this world.John The Aussie

Three days later another letter arrived and I get a text message saying “He’s got another letter, can you come around as soon as you can please.”

I hit up the boss asking for the afternoon off explaining the circumstances and he let me off for the rest of the day.  When I get there the widow and her brother were still laughing, all she could manage was “Re.. re.. read this”

After glancing over the header, formalities and crap, I read the main letter.

“You have been permanently excused from jury duty based on documentation from you indicating your permanent incapacity to serve.  You should not receive any further summons.  However, in the event you move or change your name, such a document may be inadvertently mailed to you.”

~ by John the Aussie on September 27, 2011.

2 Responses to “I’m Just a dumb Miner – whats your excuse? OH, your the judicial system”

  1. I haven’t lived in Alpharetta, Georgia in over 15 years. Last year, I got selected there for jury duty, and a warrant was issued for my arrest for failure to report, even though they sent the letter to an address where I haven’t lived for 15 years.

    The best part of all of it, the constable showed up at my current residence, because when they filled out the arrest warrant, they put my current address at the top.

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