Murphy’s Road Rules #027

You see this?

John The Aussie

This is a fucking pedestrian crossing! (Aka Zebra Crossing)

I don’t where the fuck you learnt to drive, but in Australia, it is the law to give way to pedestrians.  More so the area of the road with these white fucking stripes is designed to keep people randomly crossing the road causing you to stop wherever they decide to cross.

The law states (somewhat) “The (dimwitted, cockhead) driver approaching the (the obvious and glaring, well signed, and speed limited) pedestrian crossing must drive at a speed at which the driver can, if necessary, stop safely before the crossing. (Not slam the fucking brakes on hitting me in the fucking shins than proceed to yell at me as I approach your window and suddenly walk away while you attempt to wake up and have other drivers beep at you laughing their heads off as I limp off to the mess hall.  This is why I don’t fucking walk to the mess from my room).”

John The Aussie

Until next time…

~ by John the Aussie on January 13, 2013.

22 Responses to “Murphy’s Road Rules #027”

  1. I am thinking you are paraphrasing the law

  2. Shit! Nothing worse than banging your shins..

  3. If only they’d let you draft the law, it would seem perfectly clear to everyone what is and is not acceptable. I think you’re on to something… Did some shit-bag actually hit you? If so, hunt them down and exact vengeance! Just some friendly advice.

    • Remove the brackets and it is actually the Australian Road Law’s… or maybe just my state… He did have Victorian number plates…

      I got a six pack out of it as an apology and we drunk them… all is well… except bruise on right shin…

      • So no beating in order… that’s good. I hope the shins feel better, I’m guessing the sixer might’ve helped! Wish our laws were expletive specific, I think the public would understand them better! We have the same laws, just plenty of attorneys and busybodies that get in the way. Some of the towns around here have ‘curb’ laws in place. A pedestrian steps off the curb, all vehicular traffic stops – cross-walk or not.

      • At all times traffic must give-way to pedestrians here… Within in reason of course…

        Expletive laws might just be the answer to teaching…

  4. Grrr how rude of him. Maybe if he hit you in the hips it would change things.

  5. Welcome to the prestigious club of those bipedal self locamotive types that have been hit by a car on a zebra crossing *hands over a stiff welcoming very alcoholic beverage* – you’re in good company 😉

  6. Ouch!

  7. I’m having a blonde moment. Moron hit you in the crosswalk, you walked to driver’s side window, and he is yelling at you. … Did you coldcock that guy? For real? If so, I’m mightily impressed.

    • This is the third time this has happened… I combined all three. I was 20 when I knocked the guy for 6 when he threatened to sue me in between cursing me for hitting his car with my shins., so I thought giving a reason was a good choice.

      The next guy gave me the finger and when I walked to the door to get his details he drove off, I reported him to police. I was 22

      This guy panicked and bought me beer in apology.

      • That’s just crazy! I like “the third time’s the charm” guy. Buying you a beer was the right thing to do. Your shins are obviously magnets for cars.
        I thought about you a couple of weeks ago. My odometer was reaching a milestone, so although I was flying down the interstate at about 70 mph, I whipped out my phone, stuck my hand through my steering wheel and snapped a picture. I like the number two. 😉

      • That is cool! Now Im gonna be paranoid and watch mine all the time.

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