Christmas in Australia 2 Sleeps to go!

1. It’s Six white Boomers.

2. It isn’t flip flops… It’s thongs.. (If you think thong as in underwear, it’s g-string , v-string and c-string … yeah c-strings… welcome to Aussie Christmas.)

A shout out to a little site that I’ve taken all their Australian Bush Christmas Carols from is .  I hope to have the chance to recite a lot of these Christmas day, and over time teach the kids some tradition.

But one I hope my daughter will love is “A little Bush Fairy”

“A little bush fairy on the Christmas tree!
Tho’ not like the fairies you usually see,
For she wears not a gauzy gossamer gown
but gumnut blossoms drifting down.

And there on top of her pine tree tower
she waves a wand of flannel flower.
Flittering and fluttering her eucalyptus wings
‘Neath a halo of golden wattle rings.

What other fairy would be so blessed
Or be, by nature, flora dressed?
What other fairy would look so sweet
With bottle brushes on her feet?

At Christmas she comes come-what-may
Tho’ not to those lands far away,
For only in Australia will you ever see
A little bush fairy on the Christmas tree!”

~ by John the Aussie on December 23, 2012.

4 Responses to “Christmas in Australia 2 Sleeps to go!”

  1. Yay ! Decent Christmas carols 😉 I like the last one too

  2. Rolf Harris is the Daddy! 🙂
    Have a wonderful Christmas when it reaches you! 🙂

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