Murphy’s Road Rules #023

Ensure that when merging into traffic travelling at any more than 40kph that you stop in the merging lane, backing up traffic for miles behind you, ensuring that you have given yourself or no-one else that opportunity to merge. Again, forget that the traffic handbook states that you should speed up to meet traffic speed then merge. If you are travelling in a lane near a merge lane, don’t changes lanes to make it easy for them, instead see rule 22, after all they deserve it

John The Aussie


~ by John the Aussie on December 21, 2012.

6 Responses to “Murphy’s Road Rules #023”

  1. Come on now, that’s just a friendly Los Angeles ‘Hello’ ;}

  2. A universal problem

  3. Nothing pisses me off more when I’m getting up to speed to merge, only to slam on the brakes when the idiot in front of me comes to a complete stop,

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