Murphy’s Road Rules #019

Take the initiative to cut off fully loaded semi-trailers, road trains and buses because, damn, they need the training & besides they have brakes and need to ensure the quality often.

~ by John the Aussie on November 16, 2012.

10 Responses to “Murphy’s Road Rules #019”

  1. Today I saw a woman in the carpark at ASDA. She reversed out of the space she was parking in, I assume to straighten up. All the while she was talking on her hand held phone. I couldn’t help but be drawn to the massive bump at the front of her car… What a tit.

  2. Unbelievable. It really makes me want to install a camera on my own car at the boot because in Perth, EVERYONE’s all about tailgating and pushing you over the limit they’re so aggressive.

    There’s a particular highway in Perth I avoid because the drivers are more aggressive – it’s a “city” highway so I’ve made the effort to go on another highway on my daily commute that heads towards the country. Country drivers are MUCH more courteous that suburban drivers.

    It’s because of drivers like these that I feel unsafe every day. Bastards.

  3. Finally something of interest to watch on this blog. I like scary movies.

  4. This was awesome. I can’t believe how many vehicles drive on the berm. Cops will have you pulled over in no time if you do that here. Ask me how I know.

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