Seriously? Did America lose Google?

John The Aussie

~ by John the Aussie on November 13, 2012.

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  1. I’m sure you have complete idiots in Australia too. Perhaps just not the volume that we have here in the US.

    • You missed the newspaper clipping I reblogged from Kelsgonebush didn’t ya? firecrackers up asses and all!!!

      This just actually made the news in Australia over the weekend on the morning show.

  2. We Americans are so smart. We know everything. Except everything about Australia.

  3. I wouldn’t say we lost google as much as I would say we gained morons.

    Yeah… that pretty much sums it up.

  4. 4) She’s a sassy redhead.
    Maybe she meant Austria. Americans all suck at geography.

  5. No, they didn’t lose it.. you can’t run from Google. The problem is that most of them/us are too stupid to use Google in the first place… that’s like fact checking or something

    • It’ll be the last time she does it, I’m sure. Problem is, somebody would of told her this, and she took their word, but how she was ‘informed’ originally is what worries me.

  6. My sons picked up on this one right away. This girl. . . worse than the beauty queen “such as” incident. And worse even than this, but the song is worth watching!

  7. I didn’t know your Prime Minister was an Atheist, but I know she has taken a strong stance on immigration & people trying to change their new country. When I read this FB post I made exactly the same points about no President & he being a she though!

    • See this is where news twists it all around (btw, I never voted for our current prime minister)… She isn’t against immigration, she is against the process, she wants to make the process faster (which will not happen) so now we are stuck with a high intake of refugee and asylum seekers (not immigrants) and we don’t have the capacity to take them on. So with an agreement signed by a few countries in the area, they are now taken to the closest port (in the event of an emergency) which stops them sinking their own boats when our Navy aproaches. The next is the fact that when we have reached over our capacity, other countries are intercepting the asylum boats instead.

      The drama is, some countries do not accept refugees and send them back home.

      So where our bitch of a prime minister (I hate her for the record, but she’s better then the alternative) is accused of being against immigration, is where she is trying to improve the process of asylum seekers and refugees. Those refugees processed are living better then our own veterans or pensioners, which I don’t know the process of, so I can’t comment on it. And due to the cost of the lengthy process of checks of background, health, immunisation, quarantine and trying not to split families is costing us more money then what is budgeted each year.

      Basically, if your out there and want to seek asylum in Australia, come by plane and once you’ve passed customs, claim asylum… or go and disappear and work for cash in hand… that works…

      • I have seen your Prime Minister rant about immigrants who want to change the laws & customs of your country to their own laws & customs. She has “encouraged” them to go back to their own country or accept the Australia the way it was formed by the people who originally settled it. She makes a good point when she says there must have been something to attract the immigrants to Australia in the first place, so why try to change it once you get there. In Canada, we have the same problem & I admire your Prime Minister for speaking out publicly about it. I don’t know anything about her politics or other positions, I just admire her stance on this issue.

      • Ahh I thought you meant the hype over that they claim she is trying to prevent immigration to Australia…

        And that stance has been the stance of many prime ministers of Australia and it’s great to see her backing it up with flare.

  8. […] Seriously? Did America lose Google? « John The Aussie. […]

  9. That is great…

  10. The same is for the people who say they hate how socialist Obama is, and then threaten to move to Canada.

  11. Don’t you know that there is another Australia on Mars.
    So the Question is ” Did the Earth lose Australia? “

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    Did the Earth lose Australia?

  13. Please forgive some (at least half) Americans, they’re traumatized right now & are willing to not check their facts before saying they want to emigrate out to wherever. They’re not realizing that while Obama is trying to socialize things here (socialism is a bad concept in the US), socialism (at least social democracy) has already taken root elsewhere, in English speaking world. At least, they know Australia exists! One can’t expect everyone to be an Einstein. 🙂

    • Hell I’m not sure which side she was supporting… I think she was neither…

      Im guessing you were on the losing side… Everyone on the losing side is a little bitter about this post…

      But on a lighter note, I had a Canadian point to Madagascar to show me Australia on the weekend.

      But I just found out Syria is in Africa not Europe.

      We all have foot IN mouth disease strike occasionally, sometimes a little more public…

  14. I love this!

  15. Please remember that at least half of all Americans despise Obama & his agenda. Sorry, it’s a fact. America made a mistake in re-electing someone who couldn’t fix our economy (therefore, the global economy) in the four years that he -promised-. But, sitting presidents usually get re-elected. It’s best to not get involved in US politics, unless you’re American. You’ll make an enemy of the other half of America. You know, the half that understands responsibility, business & protects the planet. I’m not addressing this to anyone in particular, just putting it out there for Australia’s edification.
    As an example, I know nothing about your politics but do enjoy your PM, I follow her & she follows me on Twitter. I think she’s fantastic. However; if I were Australian, I wouldn’t agree with her politics.
    Also, I prefer Bing – it gives better results. There’s more than way way to do something, right?

    • I try to keep politics of my blog, but it was an assumption of Australia that is always cliché to us.. “Melbourne/Sydney is the capital of Down Under.” “What do you mean you don’t cook shrimps on the barbie?” It was just a bit of banter, not of politics, but the constant ignorance of nations towards other nations… Yeah Aussies are guilty of it too, that’s kinda why we are thought racist, we don’t care if you’re our own blood or the King of some realm, we are all up for a gibe against each other.

      When I first saw this (on the 7th) I honestly thought Romney had won (being a Mormon and seeing so many Christians of other factions downgrade The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints into it’s own religion – I don’t know why, they just do) and added it to the ‘Scheduled’ list of posts. I had assumed Obama was still part of the Trinity sect.

      For the record if Romney got it, coal and meat exports in Australia would of gone up again keeping me and the majority of my family in jobs. Now Obama is still in, we suddenly got extra contracts to send coal that the US can’t promise to export…

      In all honesty I hate politics, because people act like you just insulted their mother, when you mention a failed policy because of congress refused – I got hounded something shocking from Obama fans for asking why his bills kept getting knocked back.

      As for our own PM, we got the lesser of two evils in, so I’m content until someone good actually shows up.

      (I used to be Altavista through and through… until they sold out…)

      (I really should’ve chose ‘She’ instead of ‘America’ …)

      And if it makes you feel better, I’d happily take here as an Aussie citizen…

    • Actually you not what pissed me off… The first Sheila here saying she’s moving…

      Just because she didn’t want Obama in, didn’t mean she was against EVERY fucking policy he wanted to put in place… some of Obama’s policies was just not well planned (good ideas, just not enough information or was planned very badly)…

      I’d take her as a Citizen too… Actually, send everyone over who threatens to leave… I’ll show them our creepy crawlies, and if they wanna stay, they can…

      • I’m a US Conservative who supports our Republicans, but I hated politics & seldom involved myself in them until this last election. Also, I don’t like politics on my cinema blog. It doesn’t make for a good fit & I even deleted the overt political thing I posted last week, just before our election. However; since politics threatened to involve me & my family personally, I had to become good at spewing the truth this past year. I’m like an attack dog that’s conditioned to bite the moment I see a squirrel or intruder.
        Whether the EU, the UK, NZ or Australia understands it or not – another 4 years of Obama means terrible things. Mr. Bush may or may not have been an idiot -he was- for involving us all in the middle east -we should have just bombed them to smithereens instead of invading & installing democracies which they don’t understand- but he’s nothing compared to Hussein Obama. Mr. Obama is a definite weak link & his intelligence is way over-rated. His agenda -all of it- doesn’t jibe with US principles of economy, self-determination & strength. I don’t like any of it. He will be stopped from making any further alterations, nothing has changed here except that he was re-elected to protect his vile socialized healthcare -obamacare-. Our exporters are sh it out of luck & our importers are going to have to pinch pennies & buy from bad sources & our defense industry which I have family in is starting to lay off thousands.
        Don’t believe the liberal media, it’s agenda is also socialist in nature. Our conservatives -Republicans & Conservatives- are basically similar to the average Australian. Except that you don’t like our nuclear ships in your ports. We have bbq’s, hunt, fish & generally have a good time minding our own business. Our Democrats don’t like Australia. So you see, you Australians & NZealanders, generally speaking, have been fooled by the media into thinking that Obama is a good guy. He’s not. He’s not even a nice guy. He’s a fraud. But all that’s for another day now, he’s our problem but everyone is going to suffer. Just wait until he’s forced to make a foreign policy decision instead of slobbering about it & doing nothing. It’s going to be far worse than the middle east going up in flames with their arab spring; wherein, Obama abandoned several allies & Qaddafi -who was behaving himself-.
        I had just about 3 posts this past year on my blog that concerned politics, but only because they had movie-related material. As I said, I deleted the only overt politic thing last week. Please forgive me for going off on a tangent.
        Just remember Obama doesn’t qualify as a popular leader just because he was re-elected & he’s not a dictator that can do anything he pleases.
        I remember Alta Vista! Jeez, I thought that merged into something else a long time ago.
        I’m a Jack Mormon -sympathetic, non-practicing-, so I’ve heard it all from other Christians. Believe me, Mormons don’t care what others xtians think -especially Baptists & Evangelicals-. Okay, now that I’ve bored even myself I’ll call it a day. Love your posts, John. It takes all kinds to make the world go around.

  16. Loved this piece John…

  17. The moronic pseudo-ideology of American Self-righteousness at its best

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    The moronic pseudo-ideology of American self-righteousness at its best

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    Thank you, John the Aussie.
    You rock my socks! Oz FTW!

  20. No wonder people think Americans are ignorant (and arrogant) pricks. Well, quite frankly, most are–unfortunately. I can say that because I am an American.

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