Murphy’s Road Rules #015

Remember that the goal of every driver is to get there first, by whatever means necessary.  Piss them off by blocking them in and taking it slow as reasonably possible.

John The Aussie

~ by John the Aussie on November 12, 2012.

13 Responses to “Murphy’s Road Rules #015”

  1. Oh, yeah. I can do this.

  2. I can and HAVE done this!

  3. I sure do love a nice go-slow when some idiot is trying to get past me. It’s like dining on their fury, knowing full well if they do pass me I’ll eventually cruise up behind them at the next set of lights – “Oh hey buddy, nice to see you again, hows that heart attack coming on? Tra la la la la!”

  4. In the dictionary under Road Rage, is there a picture of you John?!

  5. You badass! 😉

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