Oi Hawkruh!

Oi, Hawkruh! (propper fly post to come soon…)

John The Aussie


~ by John the Aussie on November 10, 2012.

23 Responses to “Oi Hawkruh!”

  1. Used to get some big ones in Michigan. The ones here in Alabama are small and mean!

  2. Is that a cicada? I must say, your bugs are very primeval.

  3. I was wondering what is on the human hand that the fly is so interested in?

  4. Thanks John! That’s pretty darn impressive! Looking forward to the rest.

  5. I’m confused… All I’m seeing is a cicada.

  6. Oh my gosh! Do you guys have leaking power plants down there? … Oh, never mind. I see now it is a cicada and not a giant, enormous, freakin’ fly. I like cicada’s, too. I actually like all the noise they make.

  7. Wow, he’s a beast!

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