Thanks to Kel we once again warn the world of the dangers of the Australian Bush.

Kels Gone Bush - The Podcast

If you are planning on back packing around Australia I’m sure you would have done your research on the dangers that you could face out in the Aussie bush. For those of you who have not read up on the local wild life , apart from crocs , buffalo and kangaroos with major attitude problems, you also need to be aware of the vicious Drop Bear … If you have not done your research properly , please read on …


The top warning sign is a bit blurry – the important bits you need to know are :

– Walk quietly through the bush

– Avoid sleeping or parking your car under trees ( or the drop bears may land directly on top of you )

– Dab Vegemite behind each ear and around camp site to deter Drop Bears (they hate the smell of Vegemite)

So you have been…

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~ by John the Aussie on November 1, 2012.

14 Responses to “”

  1. Oh boy! What will they spread around next?

  2. Ausie Bush…..

  3. Still waiting on house flies! LOL But these are good!

  4. Ah, I think the warnings would be well taken. The Roos and Koala’s look so approachable, but I assume they’re not and I’ve read about the odd (to us here in the states) insects, not all of which are benign… and then there are the Tasmainian devils we’ve read about … would that be the bush? … I will have to pop over and read the reast of this piece. Thanks for sharing it here, John.

    Also, I did respond on your comments – which are most gratefully received, rich indeed – on my last poem “A Man Is a Man” … I don’t know if it will pop up for you as a response because I responded to you and Trish with the same comment.

    Happy days, John. Blog on …

    • Oh my, that’s cute. I can’t make out the words on the yellow sign but I did on the other. Funny … I should have know it would be since it was attached to your blog. So ready to take it seriously …

      • There is a facebook page dedicated to Drop Bears with fabricated attacks, news reports and so forth… Like Blair Witch Project, but without some crappy film…

    • It popped up for me Jamie. There are quite a few critters, in Australia, fabled or real that you need to keep a sharp eye on…

  5. I didn’t know you were a fan of “I Love Lucy’. snicker….. classic!

  6. I first thought it said: Beware of Bear Droppings. Which does make sense.

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