Murphy’s Road Rules #011

John The Aussie

Intermediate Course…

Train yourself to swerve abruptly…  The High-Speed Slalom driving located in your town and thanks to City Services, potholes are left in key location to test your reflexes, managing your fatigue with burst of adrenalin.  While constantly keeping you on your toes, let’s not forget the “Test You Skills” chicane downtown…

John The Aussie

Fucking Sunday Boatees…

~ by John the Aussie on October 27, 2012.

32 Responses to “Murphy’s Road Rules #011”

  1. The top road looks like every road in Georgia.

  2. is that a picture of you fishing for your supper?

  3. That’s hysterical! I’ll never complain about the roads around here again!

  4. Ha ha! Good post. Sounds very familiar. I recently emailed photos of similar road conditions to my local council who were apparently unaware of it. I didn’t ask them to fix it, just showed them. Within a couple of weeks it was fixed. Not bad service actually!
    I’ve seem you around a bit on here. Thought it was about time I followed a fellow Aussie. Funny stuff!

    • Hey! Welcome aboard mate.

      We actually do that for the highway to work. Except about 5 of us take about fifty photos each, and hand them out (for the letter writers), or send them onto workmates (email writers) and watch how quickly the response is when 250+ people complain in one week about the conditions of the road…

      Now we have to put up with the 33km stretch of road works at 60km/hr for the next few months…

  5. Short term pain for long term gain, huh? – if they do it right. 🙂

  6. Due to our freezing winter weather, this is what most of our roads look like in the spring.

  7. Love it !!
    I should send you some pics of the roads they get Dave to fix out in Arnhem Land – some of them are craters lol 🙂

    • Wait, dave is filling in Liverpool and Goyder Craters???

      Send on through, I remember watching my father play dodgem during our stint in the Alice. Especially when travelling the MacDonnel ranges to the water holes…

  8. Here is a link to an old post I did about his ‘roadworks ‘ in Ramingining during wet season – He has heaps more on his laptop from the last few years Ill try and get for you when he comes in next .. I had never really seen anything like it and thought they were all insane for wanting to live / work there – Dave loves it but then he is slightly crazy I reckon 😉

    I still haven’t explored the center properly – I’m driving through Alice again in December but wont be in the troopy this time so am very limited to where I can go .. also Its just me and my two really not scary dogs lol. I am staying overnight though so if you have any safe , car friendly suggestions let me know !! 😀

  9. The top pic looks like you’d need a pogo stick to make it through. Or maybe that’s what made them in the first place!

  10. Yikes…Anyone for a swim???

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