Murphy’s Road Rules #010

John The Aussie

Everybody, but especially four wheeled drive users, believes their vehicle is superior to your own.  Watch them panic when you nearly scratch their bulbar…

John The Aussie

Okay, sorry sir, you are definitely the better driver…

~ by John the Aussie on October 26, 2012.

14 Responses to “Murphy’s Road Rules #010”

  1. my 4wd is better

  2. It looks like something from an episode of that American TV show, Sons of Guns.

  3. I laugh at the people that drive trucks around here … it’s so obvious they are making up for something… seriously. What’s the point of owning a full-sized dualie if you are a freakin’ office worker who does absolutely NO hauling or construction or anything requiring you to own such a big vehicle? Because it makes them feel big … thats why… lol!!

  4. I always take a chance when around very expensive cars because their owners are much more concerned about their cars than I am about mine!

  5. And Hummers…and it’s especially annoying when the person driving it is a housewife, driving that beast without any passengers and going to the grocery store for two bags of groceries…WTH?

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