Backyard construction site…

Over the past few months, I’ve been extending my patio with pavers I’ve had since I’ve moved into the house a few years ago.  It’s come to the point that I’ve needed to disperse the 3000 or so different bricks and pavers that are in the way of me completing my drive way.

John The Aussie

Okay, so this was last year.. not in the last few months…

So yesterday while my youngest son was at daycare, my youngest child and daughter distracted the dog, I kept the eldest boy busy with playing “Construction”.   I was going to do it over a few days, but with such a harsh self appointed foreman, it seemed we ended up doing a lot more than expected…

So our tools were two cat trucks, a digger, a shovel, a stringline and a hell of a lot of pavers…

John The Aussie

Whaddya mean I backed under the bloody digger wrong?

John The Aussie

No bloody way? I’ve been backing under this angle all day!!

John The Aussie

Okay, Okay I’m sorry… I’ll pay attention to the tracks and bucket…

John The Aussie

Do you guys mind? We are having a staring competition here!!

As they day dragged on, under the harsh rule of a typical digger driver (man that kid is gonna make sure I end up in a good retirement home if he takes it up as a career…).  We levelled the dirt and used the grass to cover the dead spots the dog decided to dig up.  We had laughs, we had tantrums, we sweated, we got dirty.  My wife kept us alive from and fed us ham and cheese with mango chutney, wraps.  And not to forget the ever flowing coffee (hot chocolate / caramel for the boss… err son.) and electrolyte tainted drinks…

With such a big contract and the big equipment moving all over the place, mistakes were to be made…

John The Aussie

Bloody hell Dad!! I told you not to ride up the rills!!!

John The Aussie

As the sun breaks behind the range…

As the sun put itself behind behind the ranges, the blue sky turned into a deep blue.  We enjoyed the end result, but as a the foreman pushed me out of the way to claim the glory of the one day / doubled in size patio…

John The Aussie

Check it out Mum, I laid the third last row all by myself!!
(He seriously did)

From the second row of grey pavers to the end was our days result, and we actually went two rows further than we were planning…

But I tell you now, I ain’t gonna be going into construction with the eldest anytime soon…

~ by John the Aussie on October 25, 2012.

28 Responses to “Backyard construction site…”

  1. Bravo, John! Awesome job. Lovely children too.

    Jamie Dedes

  2. I love this si your family always amazes me !!!

  3. Nice going chief. 🙂

  4. I love looking at the pictures of you and your beautiful family. It makes you seem so real………almost.

  5. Excellent work! The construction seems to be top notch. Bravo to excellent planning and supervision to accomplish this!

  6. Oh no, child labour! Seriously though enjoy it while they are keen because it all changes when they become teenagers. 🙂

  7. Pavers? You Aussies and your weird names for things. Dude, those are just patio blocks. Why do you have to make everything sound like it’s something else? – lol Kidding with you, of course. Great story, mate!

    • Because blocks are thicker than pavers… Americans have the worst measuring system… so much so that all your aircrafts were screwing up until turned metric…

      Thanks for dropping in, mate!

  8. I love how people of the “metric” nations say we have the worst measuring system. It’s not the worst… just inaccurate… and complicated… and … God it is the worst!

  9. […] I have no idea what that means. Maybe the explanation is here. […]

  10. Really nice, project, John. It looks great. Love the picture of your boy lamenting the truck accident. What a great way to spend time with family (great dog babysitter!) and accomplish a job well done.

  11. Great pics & story about working around the house! Your son will turn into a great boss or foreman someday!

  12. OMG…this was so damn cute. Loved it. Oh and your son did an exceptional job on his third…sorry, but it looks way better than the rest of the patio. Gotta give credit where credit is due. 🙂

  13. So who taught him to be the slave driver …. you or your wife? And yes, just WAIT until he’s 16! Then you’ll really find out how badly you do things compared to how he thinks he could, should, would (but not necessarily IS doing them!) LOL 🙂 The time goes way to fast. It’s good to see how much you enjoy them. Remember, any time you’re complaining about them or what they have left around the house that when they are no longer there you’ll be wishing they were and missing some of those things that need picking up after.

    Here I am rambling again! Better get back to my own posting!

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