Murphy’s Road Rules #009

When you see an accident slow down and rubberneck; this also applies for people changing tyres or peeing on the side on the highway.   Never pull over to see if they need assistance, every person has roadside assistance, insurance and has changed a tyre so often they will have no problems, no matter how old or how young.  No matter if they are having difficulty turning the lug nut on the first wheel.   Just slow down enough so the traffic behind you and the person on the side of the road notice.

John The Aussie

I don’t give a shit if the wife is in the car. I’m pulling over to help…


~ by John the Aussie on October 24, 2012.

29 Responses to “Murphy’s Road Rules #009”

  1. Christ, mate. I don’t think half the people in my country even know how to change a tire. Our modern males are so typically effeminate that I’d stop to help a fellow man if I thought they needed help. I’m not a beefcake myself, but I can and have, changed a bloody tire more than once in my life.

    What’s really funny is when you see some really think drink of water lass changing the tire, and the male is on the cellphone trying to call for help.

    Take note single guys, that’s a good way to outshine the pretty girl’s current mate, and maybe get a phone number. I mean really, who wants to mate with a bloke who can’t even change a fecking tire?

    • I can’t tell you how many tyre I.change, I am forever pulling over and helping people, especially in the heat.

      Many of the blokes are older and just simply cannot do it anymore. Or ladies dressed in nice gear. I’ve done two wedding vehicles over the time.

      But any bloke or sheila that is young (under40) I make sure the do half the work to ensure they learn for next time. Even if the ladies in the picture above are having trouble I’ve seen many people drive past without caring about their well being.

      There are quite a few simple life skills every teenager should learn for later in their life, and as we agree changing a tyre is one.

  2. Also, in typing that, something struck me as funny. Now I’ve been around Aussie’s and Brits for a several decades now and have picked up some of the lingo, and am comfortable chatting with ye mob.

    However… most folks haven’t a clue.

    Note to Aussies and Brits. Calling a Yankee a ‘mate’, is a good way to go missing teeth. It’s the cultural equivalent of calling him your lover. And most folks just aren’t down with that. Well some might be. It IS 2012 after all. You might just end up with a new boytoy. 😉

    AU and UK English ‘Mate’ = pal, buddy, bloke, friend.

    USA English ‘Mate’ = the individual you are currently fucking. Your significant other, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend. But sex is definitely involved.

    Ye hath been warned! 😉

    P.S. It’s also considered unhealthy to ask someone if they have a ‘fag’.

    • You’d get knuckle sandwich if ya ask a bloke for a gag here. Or someone telling you his room number.

      Saying ‘mate’ with an Aussie accent is somewhat looked over by the world, poor Brits don’t get as much leeway. Unless the Yankee / Seppo / American is liking for a fight, they generally muse themselves in our outback hick lingo.

      • That’s pretty darn funny actually. Americans actually think it’s ‘cool’ to talk in a faux Aussie accent. Come to think of it, Americans think Aussies are pretty cool in general. Thanks to our asinine foreign policies, don’t think that’s reciprocated much, however. 😉

        Though, all the Aussie’s I’ve spoken to in the past do groove on the founding principles of this country. (Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, etc.) Unfortunately the libtards are taking over the country. 😛 There are still a few of us holdouts however, as I’m sure ye’ve read by now. 🙂

      • I can’t help but to read thanks to facebook…

  3. I’m just a guy with a poetic reply…

    I stopped by to change a gal’s tire,
    My wife said that I was a liar.
    My clothes were too neat,
    To be out in the street,
    But I was careful with my attire.

    A lot of guys passed the girl by,
    They wouldn’t give it a try.
    I knew how to do it,
    Had a wrench to unscrew it,
    It’s true, it isn’t a lie.

    Compliments of Humorous Interludes

  4. I think I need to go back and read the rest of the rules…I’m confused! Is this because of a “Wolf Creek” rule?

    • Nah, people are becoming lazy, less helpful, losing the typical Australian mateship (buddy – not lover) and generally like to see others struggle. Or simply have no idea how to help. That and they’re nosey little bastards.

      • I so agree and it makes me sad….it’s not the Aussie way!

      • Introducing the new generation coming of age. Those that once helped are too old, have a car full of kids or had bad experiences with offering help to an obvious distressed and arrogant respondee.

        The best we can do is try to get our own kids involved, hopefully they pass it on.

      • I am totally with you there and I do believe I am getting that through to them….most of the time!

      • Me and the young fella (5 going prep next year) are playing “Enviro dorks are making us do rehab” like they do at Daddy’s mine.

        I think you’ll enjoy tomorrow’s post.

      • What is that game? And what do you play it on? My boys’ favorite is “Grabbed by the Goulies”, we had to buy an old Xbox so we could play it again.

      • LOL, I remember that when I was 16… All those 13 years ago. Gamerboy by heart I am, but only own a Wii these days for rainy days….

  5. Ok…I’m up with the rules now. Safety, consideration and commonsense were all thrown out the window with the soiled underpants! Love it.

  6. I know HOW to change a tire, I just don’t have the physical strength to get the lug nuts off, even if I use the tire iron as a lever. I have tried, but I have to wait for help.

    • This is acceptable, have you considered the cross tyre irons in which has a different size on each of the points. They allow a lot better leverage and when I was younger, I use to.jump on them to crack the lugs. Perfect to change over to every car you buy later on…

  7. nobody helps in Boston so why should they anywhere else?

  8. Awww, hell. They look like they have it under control.

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