Aussie Crocodiles…

John The Aussie

Believe it or not, this isn’t photoshopped…. Seriously…

No seriously, it isn’t….

And neither is the following…

John The Aussie

Not photoshopped either…

John The Aussie

You give way to all wildlife… for good reason…

John The Aussie

Not photoshopped either… One of the best mower pictures I’ve seen. Luckily they stopped this practice… as far as I am aware…

John The Aussie

Okay so this one is photoshopped… Still, crocs jump that high…

John The Aussie

Eventually it just feels like mosquitoes after a few years of continuous attacks…

~ by John the Aussie on October 22, 2012.

33 Responses to “Aussie Crocodiles…”

  1. I want to visit your country. It is beautiful and the people are wonderful But why does everything there bite sting or try to eat you?

  2. LOL and yet Steve Irwin died from a stingray.

  3. Those crocs learned that helicopter thing from watching the movie, Jaws II. It was the scene near Cable Junction. That’s why they started making those rubber shoes out of them, (the crocs, not the helicopters).

  4. I went travelling in Australia last summer, and when we went white water rafting they said that crocodiles was spottet at that right spot. Lush. hah. Didn’t see any though. 🙂

    • Nearly every white water rafting says that to make it more exciting. You’d see the croc slide if they were spotted recently.

      We woke up this camping trip last week with our bait missing… 30 meters from where we were sleeping.

  5. Hi John!

    And now here’s proof that you should never trust a gator. Thanks for stopping by and reading my latest blog!

  6. Still waiting to see what the house flies look like!

  7. Croc Olympics anyone? I see crocs jumping hurdles, high jump, diving, and let’s not forget the Frizbee Relay Team!

  8. Saw the pictures of you mowing in your yard…….hope the croc wasn’t there. 😦

  9. guess those crocs wanted to prove who had the biggest set of, er…choppers!

  10. Wow! They are scary mo fos, aren’t they!!! 😉

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