Meanwhile in Australia (picture collection)

John The Aussie

Anger management in Australia…

How to handle your anger when some weekender surfer knock you off your board…

John The Aussie

Understanding the height difference of a Drop Bear to a regular koala is important…

Luckily the mammoth drop bear is now secluded to the island state of Tasmania.

John The Aussie

I was told this is in Australia somewhere… But don’t quote me.

Australia; where the dust resides in the water

John The Aussie

Okay, this is hilarious, but misquoted via the chopped text.

I’d explain, but it’s much more funny left like this…

John The Aussie

Where our birds are more badass than the crocs…

One does not simply wade into Mordor… One hitches a ride with the meanest beast of the swamp…

John The Aussie

Nemo had a world wide effect….

Well, to be honest it’s an address I’ll never forget either…

John The Aussie

Yeah, he’s screwed.

In the end, both shall die…  Unfortunately, that snake will die… Such a beautiful python too…

John The Aussie

No joke.

It’s when you find out those little secrets of the blokes and sheilas you rely on each day…

John The Aussie

What’s the bet that’s a tourist…

I wonder if he knows they can bite their own tail…

John The Aussie

Our Posties are much more stress free….

Bringing a whole new meaning to going postal

~ by John the Aussie on October 19, 2012.

26 Responses to “Meanwhile in Australia (picture collection)”

  1. All good stuff but casual Friday is hilarious.

  2. Why will the python die – is that toad or frog poisonous?

  3. Great compilation. Gave me a chuckle or two.

  4. LOL funny!

  5. Forget Ford! The Australian motto should be “Built Tough”

  6. Aye! Good stuff mate!

  7. LOL! This was fun stuff and great for a laugh. Thanks for compiling and sharing!

  8. Funny pictures.

  9. I have absolutely been that mad! I think I have a few shark teeth somewhere around here to show for it too. LOL … BPD kickin it!

  10. 😆

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