Murphy’s Road Rules #001

Beware of using indicators, it gives aware your intentions.  A real driver never has the need to use them.  If you are worried about the vehicle behind you becoming aware of you turning shortly via brake lights, gear down very quickly before turning.  A real driver never uses their indicator.

John The Aussie

For fuck’s sake!! Learn how to use the fucking things!!!


~ by John the Aussie on October 12, 2012.

15 Responses to “Murphy’s Road Rules #001”

  1. True in America too.

    Also, turn them off if you’re not going to turn.

  2. I was driving down the interstate today with my left turn signal on for miles. If I would learn to use the knob to turn down the radio, I might have heard it.

  3. I always say that some cars must have a slot where they have to drop a coin in every time they want to use the indicators (that’s what I mutter to myself anyway from behind the wheel!).

  4. This is becoming a phenom in America. I don’t understand why it’s so freaking hard for some people to flick that lever up or down. Are these people really that freaking lazy?!? Or do they think they are too “above” everyone else to bother with trivial road awareness? Of course, it could be that 45% of people are too busy hold a goddam cell phone to have the time to flick the turning signal lever.

    Next up… red lights … do they even mean anything to anyone anymore … other than push the gas pedal to the floor?

  5. Reblogged this on Ely Bob's space and commented:
    Turn Signals Are for the Weak!

  6. Blaaaa…ha, ha… I’m so sharing this with facebook. I’m always bitching about bad drivers and why they seem to migrate to my little corner of the planet.

  7. Guilty as charged.. But hey at least I brake well and don’t speed…lol

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