Hey! Thanks Sean!

I earnt an award today… I’m actually proud of this.
I know that I’ve earnt this via “unwavering community support and positive feedback”. But how did I reach that status is beyond me…

Verbatim Gibberish

This is my wall of fame for bloggers.

It is an exclusive club for those who give outstanding content and/or community support in the form of likes, links, comments and reblogs. It is presented as an alternative to the chain letter awards that pervade the blogosphere. Once each month I’ll give a shout out to someone I think is deserving.

(Photo by freedigitalphotos.net)


September 2012

The Too Good Looking To Actually Be His Avatar Award goes to

The Pink Agendist

for his activism and righteous anger


August 2012

The Bat Shit Crazy Award goes to

Dotty Headbanger ©™®

for organizing the Big Blog Collection


July 2012

The Number One Fan Award goes to

John The Aussie

for his unwavering community support and positive feedback

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~ by John the Aussie on September 17, 2012.

20 Responses to “”

  1. Good stuff. You are deserving.

  2. You were #1 on my site for likes and comments and I see your mug on many other sites I visit. You reblog other people’s sites and introduce your friends to your audience. Of course, I wrote that before I saw the spiders.

  3. Tres bien mon ami….

  4. Well deserved Mr. The Aussie!!

  5. Woot , i know you are responsible for 70% of the traffic on my site lol

  6. Sweet! Nice Job…

  7. That’s awesome, John! You are a very devoted follower and this is a very well deserved accolade! 🙂

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