Kate is sweeter than her Skinny Cap

G’day!  Long time no see, eh?  I’d apologize, but it’s my blog and I can do what I want here.   Realistically, I can’t read your blogs and post at the same time, following 200 bloggers and over a hundred a fully active, daily (or more) blogger.  So I read, and comment where applicable, or I post and just delete the e-mails.  So why am I posting today?  Because I just had an Marvel; Avenger Marathon and was checking emails as the films progressed to the only film I hadn’t seen in the Marvel range, the Avengers.

But this post isn’t for Avenger’s and the scene where Loki goes on a rant and Hulk interupts, beats the living crap out of Loki, and insults him as he walks away.  No…

This is about another great Aussie Blogging, Sheila. Kate, runs the blog ‘Skinny Cap with Two Sugars‘  and on top of that, Kate runs its counter part Facebook Page.  Kate’s blog covers a variety of subjects, actually I think Kate just blogs about whatever she feels like blogging or what she feels strong about.  But one day, Kate receives some free movie tickets, I think Kate either doesn’t like Jeremy Renner (I mean who does?) or was just to busy in her flat out schedule to attend the movie.


Bourne Legacy!  I was suppose to take a photo of me with the winning ticket, and I genuinely planned too, but we were running late (after an amazing lunch) and rushed to get our tickets.  But luckily, I remembered afterwards; once we sat down in the seats and the double free pass was long gone. So I had to make it up to Kate.  “Shit, Shit, Shit Shit.  She’s ain’t gonna be happy, I need to make it up. What can I do to…. Heh!  Cuteness…”

John The Aussie

Sorry about it being blury, my daughter was playing with the phone prior.

So my wife and I went to have a pub meal; Chicken Schnitzel and Chips topped with gravy.  The plate was overloaded with fatty goodness and it smelled like heaven.  We gorged ourselves sharing the meal with our daughter as she asked “Ta? Ta?” every time she finished some chicken or chip.

Getting worried about how the younglin was gonna handle the explosions, gunshots and yelling we handed our ticket over and was getting dirty looks from the other patrons.  It’s Wednesday, 1pm.  You expected no toddlers or kidlets?  This is prime time for yummy mummies and their kidlets to show and you young blokes think…. Oh wait, I’m getting the dirty looks, not my daughter… Heh, that’s awesome.  They worked out the time table for having a perve without getting return glares from partners.  The stares don’t last long, I’m bigger, I can wipe all expression from my face, and the width of my shoulders shadow a pair of them.

We walk into the cinema and there were 4 groups of people, another young father and his kidlet, four adults, a much older couple and two young blokes who arrive late and sit pretty much right behind us.

As the credits roll, my youngin decided it’s time to get excited about the ads and can’t stop squirming.  I biscuit should do the job.  Well that lasted until the end of the ads.

John The Aussie

“You said we were watching Finding Nemo in 3D!”

The lights drop.

All three of us are glued to the screen, and when the first gunshot goes off, our youngin doesn’t bat an eyelid.  As the wolves growl she growls back at them.  But the first explosion at the cabin and she sits right back with eyes like saucers with the unmistakeable look of “WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS THAT!?!”.

Then the wolves show up again, and as the Alpha hangs from a cable barking it’s bloody head off, my daughter doesn’t like the sound of distressed animals, apparently, and started to worry out aloud.  The scene happens quick enough and she is full on back into the fighting and gunshots and explosion, I’m so proud.  She yells at the screen as the characters yell, she gets excited when the hand to hand combat is engaged and the gunshots or explosions don’t even blink her eyes.

But boredom ensues my daughter and she checks out the three groups sitting behind us.  She drops the sunglasses and as I pick ’em up I get a glimpse of the two young blokes behind me in the reflection, the one on the right is making faces at my daughter.

John The Aussie

After a minute or two the bloke catches on that I’m glancing in the reflection on my sunnies every now and then.   A cheeky grin comes across and he pokes his tongue at me, and continues to look back at the screen.

Bored with the unreactive bloke behind us, my daughter steadies herself and decides to stand (she’s unable to walk yet) upon my knees and yell at the scream as the motorcycle chase finishes the movie.

My wife and I walk out proud of our daughter and how she managed it so well.  We are thinking about buying the box set for her for her second birthday.

And all thanks to Kate, over at ‘Skinny Cap with Two Sugars‘.

~ by John the Aussie on September 6, 2012.

26 Responses to “Kate is sweeter than her Skinny Cap”

  1. Lucky they didn’t call the crew and get all nasty 🙂

  2. Awesome recap John! So happy you and the whole family got to enjoy the film, I’m glad your little princess got so into it, yelling at the screen. Woo hoo!

  3. Lol your family just get more and more awesome every time I hear about them

  4. I love the Bourne films but I’m worried that this one might not be as good without old Matty boy in it. Is it? Do you have to just think of it as a different film rather than part of the other Bourne films? Or does it very much feel like it is the same? If you don’t have time to answer all these questions, perhaps your daughter could answer them instead? I’d be interested in the toddler perspective on the issue.

    • Okay, het is my daughter’s opinion first.

      Ihudhebegejfjdhshdbcbxncjfjdbdbchdudhdjdhdbfhvvggvhvv cvgffcbgg gfhhgvcfffvvbjhgvvghvvggvvgggggggvgffvgbvvgggvbbggvvggbvvgghgggg fvbvcfggfvvggvcdfvgggffcghnbb nbbhjbnbbbbhhhbnhgvbvvgh

      I’m sorry, Sesame Street is now on. I’m so happy when they stick to a cluster. The things they do when they reach the function button are devastating.

      My opinion of the movie? Don’t expect it.to follow on from the Jason series, it is pretty much a different film, set in the same universe in my opinion. Explosions, gunfighting, cool fighting moves. It holds the same ‘corrupt government corporation’ feel but explains a little more. Barely a perve session for men or women alike.

      It wasn’t a necessary movie for the Bourne series, but as an individual movie, it was good for what it was.

  5. I love your daughter!

  6. Aww she is precious! Nice to see a new post but I totally understand. It is a full time job keeping up with bloggers and commenting and posting.

  7. She sounds a tad like my daughter Amanda! One tough hombre.

    • Gotta raise ’em all tough and in pretty pink these days. She’s got wrapped around her little finger, she’s even started making machine gun noises while holding her hand up like iron man to join her older brothers in their superhero games.

      She usually wins running her walker into their ankles at 30 miles per hour. Who’s bloody idea was it to allow 1 year olds to drive such a contraption with manoeuvability beyond all science fiction vehicles.

  8. You gotta get them trained early I guess!

  9. Dear John,
    Super awesome buddy.
    Loved it.
    I cackled at…Hey!!! I thought we were seeing Finding Nemo in 3D!

    • G’day Lis,

      Thanks heaps! She was laughing and pointing at the cardboard in the lobby before we went in. I’m glad she enjoyed the movie along with me and the missus.


  10. I never go to movies……….so no comments about that.

    But your daughter is precious!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Enjoy every day of her!

    • I do enjoy every day!

      Do you have a fear of the movies?

      • I like movies…….but don’t like the $$. Plus don’t like the crowds. If anything it is a fear of so many people crowding around.
        Last time I went to theater was about 40 years ago. There was gum on the floor and I stepped in it…..of course.

        I honestly don’t know who the stars are today. lol I love Gregory Peck and Cary Grant.

  11. I love the bit where the guy behind you gets caught pulling faces at your daughter !!

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