To the lead up of my return, I present the latest Darwin Award nomination from the scrubgirl, Kel!

Kels Gone Bush - The Podcast


The Territory news has spent the last 2 days keeping us informed of some very important news. Nothing to do with the Olympics by the way , much more newsworthy stuff than that ..

Maybe instead of trying to explain this amazing , cant-believe-its-not-global news I’ll just show you the front page of today’s paper :


Yep , this guy is the territory’s latest candidate for a Darwin award.

In his own words 23 yr old Alex Bowden told the NT news ” I just had a few beers with the boys and let off a few fire crackers ……. And then I decided to put one in my arse”.

What a bloody great idea ? Why the hell have I never thought of doing this party trick myself …
Anyway he did let the NT news know that there wasn’t any major damage “It didn’t burn my…

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~ by John the Aussie on August 3, 2012.

28 Responses to “”

  1. Dear J,
    O. Em. Gee.

    • I laughed so hard when I heard it on the radio on the weekend. I had to pull the truck over to allows my eyes to dry. The reporter on the national radio was hilarious.

  2. I just don’t believe it. 🙂

  3. Is that guy drinking his own urine, or is it snake venum?

  4. hoo boy!!! Darwinism at its finest

  5. No mention of the snake wrapped around his beer?

    What an idiot.

  6. I noticed you had finally posted and I rushed right over here to read the good news. 😦

    Biding my time next time.

    Sorry your post was just not cracked up to what it was cracked up to be. It did crack me up though. 🙂

  7. I’d call him a dumbass, but that’s seems sort of redundant. 🙂

  8. Eek!

  9. LOL Thanks for a good laugh!

  10. I wrote a super long and witty comment. Because wordpress ate it…all you get is this dumb message.

    Lady or Not…Here I Come

  11. …this guy is a moron but he did provide me with some nice wake-up in the morning entertainment.

  12. I can’t find your about section!! But. I’m here to tell you that you still have a chance to get on my blogroll. You only have 3 points, but there are still 3 days to make up points. I think that is not a coincidence…
    Le Clown

    • G’day Le Clown,

      I lost my about page during a cleanup. I’m gonna have to make another one sooner or later. Probably later.

      As for your amazing blogroll, there are many ohers who are making a much more enthusiastic attempt to be on it. They also post more often and frequently, much more deserving contestants than I. But thanks for the.concern, mate. I’ll be following the contestants closely still and your funny ass blog.



      • John,
        That sucks, my friend. Good luck with your page! Should I distribute your points among the remaining contestants?
        Le Clown

      • I just read every caption contest. When the new tally is up, I’ll decide who to give the points too, to make it a closer game.

        Oh wait it is up, sucks to be me so far behind in emails while I’m at work.

        Give it to A Circus at the End of the World…. Let’s make this a close one….

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