Quick thanks

I’m WAAAAAY behind in posting up the awards I’ve been given, and I got WAAAAAY to many to do this thing properly so first I did a couple of reviews… I think they are reviews, maybe just descriptions… I’m not sure…  I’ll find out when the posts are reviewed I suppose…  Oh over at http://aknifeandaquill.wordpress.com … I’ve got 3 interviews from indie Dark (insert genre) boos and novels hiding over there… I thought I try something new… Outside of all things Aussie.

AMYWAYS!… Awards…

John The Aussie

From http://onlinedatingjournal.wordpress.com, The Dating Bitch was kind enough to appreciate all my reading.  Check out what’s left of her blog before it goes bust, The Dating Bitch is moving on due to a MASSIVE influx of haters and a whole new life style irelevant to her original desires and hopes for the blog.

Listed me #1 – ontop of the list and all…

Go wish her the best of luck anyways.

John The Aussie
http://skinnycapwithtwosugars.com/ awarded me wiuth the Sunshine award saying “1. John the Aussie, for saying it like it is on Dumb Workers“…

Kate’s a wonderful blogger who runs marathons, I know, I know crazy right?  Well Kate would have to be, married for over 13 years and living on the west coast of Australia.  Well a journalist has to live somewhere everyone else refuses to right?

Go see Kate and say hello to an Australian sheila who’s a little more polite and well presented than what I am.

Oh and I was #1 on that list too…  😀

John The Aussie

Recieved from Cat over at http://catforsley.me/ .

This Missy loves her music, loves her books and loves to indulge in a few other areas.

An Independent Artist, from Canada check out her work over at http://soundcloud.com/catforsley

John The Aussie
As I move down the list to #5 on the list, I find that I had been nominated by Paula of at http://paulaacton.wordpress.com

A mother, a wife, an aspiring novelist, a photographer and all round lovely lady.

Check out Paula’s blog…. Or else….

John The AussieJohn The Aussie

I got tagged, either Kate from http://teaandtantalisingtales.wordpress.com decided to play kiss chasey or graffiiti’d all over my bloody page.  After some assesment and a report to the police it was assessed it was a harmless game of internet tag.

So in response to “NO TAG BACK”, I was holding bar at the time, so there 😛 .

Kate is a wonderful teacher who just figured out the cruelest punshiment ever to thrust upon her students…. More work.

Go check her out and tell her the bastard Aussie sent ya… She’ll know who you mean.

John The Aussie
And Paula must really love me because she nominated me for the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ … I must of suckered her in with a post about one of those outback towns before Paula noticed the rest of my blog.

Once again, checkout Paula (but not too long it’s called ogling if you do) and her blog over at http://paulaacton.wordpress.com .

John The Aussie

“this Award was Created by Hulda from Norway and is a gift to encourage us writers and, in turn we can also have the opportunity to encourage other writers. A really nice way to uplift each other, if you ask me.” said Bird.

This lady has been through it all, one tough Bird in a nest of harship.  http://birdmartin.wordpress.com .

Give yourself the Bird and check her blog for some great advice, some turmoil and some great shared memories.

ON the nomination page I shared a little story I might as well share here…

“Congratulations Bird, both awards were well earnt,

And shucks, thanks for the nomination. I feel the need to comment something at least mildly humorous after the to-the-point review. But alas, my mind is numb from work today.

I did however spell ‘voluptuous’ to help a friend finish a crossword puzzle, and from across the crib hut a smartass failed his attempt at a sarcastic insult by clapping his hands slowly like a demented walrus and said “Oh look, he can count big words too””

John The Aussie

http://hawkruh1.wordpress.com will take you to meet a lady who is Rambling about her BPD and Recovery (no seriously that’s the name of her blog)

Go give Hawkruh some support or just stop by and say hi.

John The Aussie

Once again I am not only recieving an award to prove my versatility, but another award from The Dating Bitch over at http://onlinedatingjournal.wordpress.com/  (Sorry it took so long and is a little too late to do the return thanks and all, Bitch)

Now go say hi.


Now there are a bunch of rewards I still haven’t claimed – mainly because I have to sift through my posts to find them.  So I like to thank those that I have not yet thanked and I’m starting a clean slate with the awards from here on in.

~ by John the Aussie on July 12, 2012.

18 Responses to “Quick thanks”

  1. Well Done John! 😉

  2. Bravo, you bloody show off! 😉
    Thanks for the shout out too! 🙂 Now, see if you can squeeze your big head out of the blogsphere long enough to earn some more rewards! 😉

  3. Thanks John! I just keep Rambling on and hope for little bits of recovery along the way. I have met some inspiring people along the way who have shared their stories, joys, pain, great writing and a whole lot more.

  4. Thankyou for your kind words your were only at #5 because I couldn’t find my glasses to find the right link or you would have been up there at #1

  5. That post must have taken hours to put together. That is part of the reason I am sitting on a bunch of awards I have yet to acknowledge. The awards are lovely, but it takes. so. much. time. to do it properly. Well done here and well deserved.

  6. Quite the popular Australian.

  7. Cool beans dude! Well deserved awards and no mistake! Big high-five right atcha man!

  8. What a nice way to say you like someone’s blog…..with an award.
    All of yours are really pretty and I am sure well deserved.

    I am going to fire up the GIMP and make an award…………for myself. LOL It will be for being able to navigate through WordPress without getting lost more than 5 times every 5 minutes. I am serious!!

  9. hi…such a nice thanks.

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