Ravenswood & Backroad

Okay due to the popular demand of the photographs taken nearWhite Blow , I decided to give you some more insight of the local town that holds  White Blowin it’s grasp and include the beaten track that leads to the Burdekin.  It seemed the Leichhardt Range and it’s lookout were a little popular…

John The Aussie

Ravenswood, though quite small, has a great deal of history in gold mining and it’s commerce.  I was amazed at the history kept and shared with it’s locals, passerbys and mining pricks personnel such as myself.  Ravenswood truly was a once-thriving gold prosperous mining town, it had amazing Aussie (now / once heritage) buildings with over 4,000 residents and including 50 pubs.  That’s like 80 people per pub!

Mt Wright Underground stockpile and hauling.

It grew and died a few times as chemistry, machinery and technology improved from the mid 1800’s to spot on 1900.   But eventually died in the ass as miners moved to more stable areas and mining became more for share holders, and the placed became a renewed BOOMTOWN for gold rush enthusiasts.  The population grew to over 5,000 people and truly was a spectacular place for somewhere so far north (apparently, so I am told…).  eventually around 1920 the place population once again dissapated and the town became a ghost town with heritage.  Now with a population of just under 100 people and a rotating roster of miners, the town survives on tourism and out of town miners.  As the surface (pit) gold mine (also silver is harvested by the way) slowly ramps down to a halt, a new underground mine is starting at Mt Wright (just 10 minutes north) which is where I once worked…  Now be warned this is where my previous goat story comes about.  Talking of goats, one of the historic letters brags on about how many wild goats are in the area, now they are just in my damned way any time I decide to pass through the backroad to the dam.  Seriously just check out the museum for so much literature history, old photos and so much more than expected from such a true ghost town.

John The Aussie

The town itself has two hotels / pubs left The Imperial Hotel and Railway Hotel.  The Railway hotel is situated next the the historical Miners Cottage.John The Aussie
John The Aussie
But every public place offers great historic relics, memoirs and stories.  I really hope that one day I can access the underground mines scattered secretly through out the area.
So as you take the bull dust road hidden behind a now demolished location and a creek, that travels past White Blow, you come to the lookout, depending on the time I knocked off work was dependant of the shots…John The Aussie

John The Aussie

John The Aussie

John The Aussie

~ by John the Aussie on June 25, 2012.

29 Responses to “Ravenswood & Backroad”

  1. I’ve been told that goat stew is quite tasty 🙂

  2. John, VERY interesting story about the town and it’s mines. Thanks for sharing! Love the pics as well, mate.

  3. Aussie,
    Lovelovelove the pics!!!
    Really gorgeous*:)

  4. Dear John,

    I love this type of post when you do one. 🙂

    Love Dotty xxx

  5. Love this. It’s a part of the world I will probably never see.

    • Even those that make it to Aus, rarely make it to these places. Many backpackers find these places for work in the pubs, but few backpackers compared to the amount of outback pubs. A few nomads pass by them , in dribs and drabs.

  6. I’m just a guy with a poetic reply…

    There is an old town called Ravenswood,
    A fine mining town that brought much good;
    It’s known for its gold,
    Its people are bold,
    It’s a place that’s sometimes misunderstood.

    Compliments of Humorous Interludes

  7. Nice post. Lots of pretty pictures too 😉

  8. Love the tractor moldering in the weeds.

    • I drove past that place for months, eventually the owner was slashing the grass at front and I hit him up for a photo. He gave me the green light and I snapped away.

      He then took me to behind the shed where the was a graveyard of equipment, I.had a good.couple of hours of snaps, couple of coffees, and a pretty decent explanation on how the equipment worked before it was outdated.

  9. I love looking at pics of a place’s history, thanks for including the ones with the hotel and building. I also love the tractor pic. Nice job John.

  10. Could this be more beautiful? I am so impressed with your shots, J.A.! (And I’m learning quite a bit— more please!)

    • Thanks Courtenay. But like the nomads these types of posts will come in dribs and drabs. But there will be more.

      • I’m glad to hear it! I like your photography very much, and as your reader, it feels really special to be able to step into your world a bit. Your writing is really, really crisp, as well. : )

      • to be honest I take 50-1000’s of photos of the same thing just to get a shot I like. I’m glad I can bring readers to the places.

        Thanks very much.

  11. I would really like to do a tour around the outback towns of Australia one day, if I only had the cash.

  12. Loved the shot of the Railway Hotel, it’s like something out of an old movie. And the bird shot (an eagle?) is very good, a lucky snap! Oh so many pubs, sounds like heaven! I reckon the next time goats get in your way, fetch out a pan and some herbs and start waving them in the air, if goats have any sense of self preservation they’ll soon move before they get et!

    • Thanks Dave.

      I ended up with about 200 shots of eagles circling a freshly plowed field. Twas a good overcast day for taking pictures with the sun over head.

      The pubs are now just two in ravenswood.

      And as for the goats, if they don’t move, their lunch…

  13. Astonishing and eerie pics. Like the mix of new and old.

    • Thanks Carl! I have thousands upon thousands of pictures and am having a hard tim deciphering their original locations… I’m getting there slowly with organizing them however…

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