I may be a dumb eskimo; But Seriously, this is suppose to be an urban myth…

Okay first of all this was sent by phone to me to post up for one of our favourite guest bloggers… The Dumb Eskimo I even think they made a movie of him once… (linked)

He hides his guest blogs over at https://sleepinginsomniacs.wordpress.com/category/dumb-eskimo/… He asked to post this up for him because a soccer mum decided it was a good idea to get a high from ridilin mixed wine and drive, taking out his local network. (She is fine and no-one else was involved).


Warning to all of those about to read this, if you are easilly offended when it comes to religon do not read this as I do not mean to offend but more to poke fun at the parrallel details.

Sometime peoples stupidity frustrates even themselves, the result? anger at anyone who cannot save them from their own stupidity. The following is one of those calls:

Me: Thank you for calling the XXXXX’s Call Center this is andrew speaking how can i help you today?
Caller: yes hello?

Me: Yes sir this is andrew how can i help you today?
Caller: this is dennys call center?

Me: Yes sir this is andrew how can i help you today?( didnt bother changing that in the call either)
Caller: Oh Okay this jesus(pronounced gee-suss) from unit XXXX my cup holders broke.

Me:your cup holder?
Caller: yea my cup holder on the router thingy( he means the cpu tower) in the back office its broke off.

Me:(already worried i ask the question i dread to be answered in the positive) This wouldnt happen to be the one where you press a button to open it would it?
Caller: yes thats the one. can yall come replace it, my desk is too cluttered as it is without putting my big gulp on it.

Me: one second sir.
at this point i put him on mute break down for a few seconds with an anger management squeezie toy.
Me: sir are you there?

Caller: yes.
Me: okay sir the thing you’ve been using as a cup holder is actually the disc drive on your computer, what is your area managers name?

caller: its XXXX XXXXXXXXXX XX.Me: Alright sir hold one second please.
(its around 1:30 in the morning at this point and I get the pleasure of first calling my oncall and then the am)
ONcall: (groggily) hello?

Me: Hey Tom its andrew, I got unit XXXX on the phone and theyre gonna need a replacement pc out there the manager has been using the disc tray as a cup holder…
(at this point theres dead silence on the other end of the phone as I imagine a confused look comes across my supervisors face.)
Oncall: tell me im still half asleep and you didn’t just say the managers been using the disk tray as a cup holder.

Me: afraid not.

At this point the supervisor takes over the call telling the manager to go home and calling the am to get them in and schedules a shipment of a new computer the next day.

one week later. …

Me: Thank you for calling the XXXXX’s Call Center this is andrew speaking how can i help you today?
Caller: yes this is Jesus calling from unit XXXX, i cannot get my cup holder on my back office router thingy to come open.

Me:okay sir the first thing is that is a disc tray we do not i repeat do not want you putting your drink in the-

Me: No sir, we actually advise to not have drinks near the computer in the back office, now what happens when you attempt to open the disc tray?
Caller: well there is tape over it.

Me:( everybody facepalm with me here?) Why is there tape over it sir?
Caller: my Area manager did it so we wouldnt put drinks in there or something.

Me: Okay sir please leave the tape on there then and do not touch it per your area manager.
Caller: &%*^ you then you cannot help me because you are racist.

Me: I’m sorry you feel that way sir but i assure you I am not this is the same answer we give to every manager should the area manager decide that they are not allowed to use a pieve of equipment.
Caller: &%*$ off ( and he hung up)

This call inspired me to do the following artwork when i got home hope yall enjoy it. oh and this is the mildly offensive part. (click to enlarge)

John The Aussie


~ by John the Aussie on June 17, 2012.

27 Responses to “I may be a dumb eskimo; But Seriously, this is suppose to be an urban myth…”

  1. i kinda wanted to reach through the phone and choke this joker myself…

  2. It’s amazing how many people think that’s a cup holder. The first time I heard of somebody doing this I thought they were joking. Sadly, that’s not the case…

  3. That comic is priceless.

  4. Hilarious!

  5. Oh… my… gosh!! Hilarious!

  6. I’m an ex-career IT guy. Things like that happen ALL the time. You would probably not believe the utter level of stupidity most people in management positions are capable of. And they’re the folks supposed to be running the place… 😛

  7. Ooh, I hope you’ll play along with this game of Blog Tag:

  8. this is special…very funny

  9. Too funny! Loved it

  10. Hi guys,

    I’m reading through your blog, and I love your guest bloggers as much as your own. I’d just like to say that you don’t post often enough.


  11. I use the disk drive on my iMac as a letter holder. Is this also wrong?

  12. But with CD’s becoming obsolete, shouldn’t we install coffe holder drives?

  13. People are either losing intelligence lately or just being born without it.

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