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Bugger! WordPress has been pissing me off with trying to create a post for a couple of weeks now… I had two posts set to auto publish, they disappeared from the face of cyber world… I have them written up in the notes section of my phone still, but will transfer them over again later.

In the meanwhile I’ve been flat out like a lizard drinking (rum) and “Yeah Yeah” I know I’ve neglected my Dumb Workers post… WITH GOOD (enough) REASON!!

First of all, family time… Well this week was my Birthday week (so to late to wish me happy birthday it’s long gone…) and the week prior I was introducing my wife to the world of Lara Croft on gaming consoles… That’s right ya jealous bastards, my wife is now a gamer girl! Though, still trying to convince her buy the matching outfits for each level, she is eccentric non the least when attempting to play Lara Croft on the WII (shut up, if I owned any other console you’d never see me on here… ever…) I was telling a mate at work (45 year old) and he down right asked me how to convince his wife (40) to get into games so he can spend more “Couple time” with her.

“Mate, get the WII Fit and just keep ahead of her with the points and fitness age, she’ll wanna always be younger. Pushing her to work out, get that little more fit. From there buy another game that she may like, let’s say Harry Potter since she owns all the books and all the paraphernalia that goes with it. Eventually she’ll wanna attempt your games as well. Oh, and never expect it to be a bonding moment when you frag her ass in one of your games.”

At that point another workmate walked around the corner, “I’d like to frag my wife’s ass…” a few moments of silence pass over the over used joke in the gaming world and we continued the conversation and went off on another tangent.

Needless to say I returned home from work and my wife admits that she played Lara Croft for 5 hours straight and went to be just before midnight. Not bad for an amateur gamer, and now we are looking at buying the collection for her. The games, not costumes… yet…

For those gamer geeks out there I give you two clips of my favorite Aussie comedic band… TRIPOD!

Buy their latest album here -> Tripod versus the Dragon

So anyways that isn’t all that’s been keeping me at bay; has had an influx of new members due to the recent events, and although a great effort by the community to keep us updated and the events, we had to null things down to “JUST PREPARE!” as opposed to “LOAD THE GUNS!”  You all probably heard it, but there were the things our pro news watchers and ever so great conspiracy theorists also caught; .  All code green for the moment, and we are waiting for the toxicology reports to be announced.

In other news I’ve been reading an absolute ‘barrow load of books.   In the last month my Kindle App has me around 47 books / novella’s .  Damn that’s a lot of horror, sci fi and biographies…  and I volunteered to start doing 3-4 interviews a month over at  A Knife and A Quill.

My first one was with apocalyptic author Kirk Allmond(click here too see interview) mainly over his first book What Zombies Fear(click here to purchase)

My second interview was with  Kenneth W. Cain, (here for interview – following to purchase his books) – writer of These Trespasses (The Saga of I)and it’s sequel Grave Revelations (The Saga of I).   AND! AND! I just found out he’s releasing the third book in the series fo The Saga of I.

And I downloaded Pokemon for free… that’s right, on my phone I have the original pokemon…

John The Aussie

So I’ve also started a little hobby over at The Unchosen .  Work in progress thing, and I’ve been convinced by an editor than by a friend who said “DO IT AND BECOME SUCCESSFUL!” or something to re write it in third person and add the detail I couldn’t be bothered adding… I’m not an aspiring writer, let’s get that part straight, but I’d like to give something to my kids and say “Ya father wrote it, so ya better like it”.

So anyways I got two posts to re-do – one in thanks the other about some renovations… So stay tuned (see:subscribed) and keep an eye out for that email to say that a Dumb Worker has said something else…

~ by John the Aussie on June 7, 2012.

36 Responses to “Yeah Yeah…”

  1. It is so good to have you back, John! I missed you!

    I used to be a gamer geek. My husband bought me a WII for my birthday a couple of years ago, and my kids and I wore that sucker out. I ended up buying a new one a few months ago. But, with the kids out of the house now, for the most part, I’ve lost my junkie-like addiction to video games.

    Congrats on the interviews and guest writing! 🙂

    — Bird

    • Thanks Bird. My wifes been hooked on WII fit series and sport series for a couple of years now, it was only a matter of time. Only a matter of time before she burns it out now.

      Horror is a whole new genre for me, except King’s work, so its exciting to be on board with a new project I’ve never done before.

  2. I gonna wish you a happy belated birthday anyway- Happy Belated Birthday.

    I think playing Laura Croft on a game would be fun but dressing up as her and role-playing would be waaaaay more entertaining. Maybe that’s because I’ve started taking kickboxing and I’ve found out I’m damn good.

    Good to see you back!

    • It’s like saying Merry Christmas on new years eve, but thanks!

      Roleplaying? Talk about setting the mood. “Oh shit here comes my wife, I mean Lara Croft. She’s gonna beat me up black and blue and flip me just son the bed for a romp.”. Okay I just said that aloud in a perfect Winchester accent, and have no idea why it actually sounds like a good night.


  3. I used to love games until they became too virtual and made me feel car sick and then my son started kicking my ass ……. so I quit cold, just like that, no patch or anything 🙂

  4. “I had two posts set to auto publish, they disappeared from the face of cyber world”

    –That’s what you get for trusting tech to do your work for you.

    ” (so to late to wish me happy birthday it’s long gone…) ”

    –Too bad… Happy Birthday!!

    “the week prior I was introducing my wife to the world of Lara Croft on gaming consoles”

    –I made sure I marriede a gaming girl. My wife (and both daughter) are gamers. I love playing Black Ops with my 19 yo.

    “(shut up, if I owned any other console you’d never see me on here… ever…)”

    — LOL! I have a Wii an X-Box 360 and a PS3. The PS3 gets the most use. It’s all about “control” John. You have to play in little bits. I don’t get to play as much as I’d like, but life has to be first. -heh heh

    (45 year old) and he down right asked me how to convince his wife (40)

    — That’s funny, I’m 45 and my wife is 41… the only advice I have about “convincing” is start them off small… my Mom was never a gamer, but facebook has changed that.

    — Didn’t know you were involved with that. Awesome!

    “apocalyptic author Kirk Allmond mainly over his first book What Zombies Fear”

    — I’ve been reading the series… EXCELLENT read. I very much recommend it to and horror/sci-fi/Zombie fan.

    • – bloody tech ( not you Nori)

      – ugh, last year of my 20s

      – Im hoping my family grows up to be a gamer family ( along with being athletes, famous musician and nun)

      – very much so, I’m Sleeping_Insomniac

      – see inside the cover? That John is me! Currently re working the side story of Sean too.

      • So the dead shot that Vic met with Leo is you?!?! That’s funny, because when I read it, the first person I thought of was you. Of course, you’re the only John from Aus. that I know. So…

      • Personality is too the T but the shooting… I can’t hit anything standing still, but I’m a crack shot on the back of a ute when roo hunting.

  5. You wouldn’t think it would be that difficult to just set something to go off at a certain time on a certain day, would you. Well, WordPress is here to prove you wrong. I’ve never lost a post but I always write in OpenOffice and cut and paste just to be sure. The mobile app is even worse.

    • Ugh, don’t get me started in the App.

      After a previous incident, I always ensure at least a rough copy is left about. Every one of my dumbworker series is on paper still.

  6. Happy B-day amigo! A new glass rum on me 🙂

  7. LOL Your post was just what I needed to read, John! Glad you’ve gotten your wife to join you in gaming. There’s nothing wrong with a Wii, that’s all we’ve got too! I’ve no doubt you’ll bet her into a LC outfit if she’s already doing 5 hours of gaming. Bravo to both of you! Have fun.

  8. Happy belated birthday wishes.
    I’ve had posts disappear, between trying to reschedule after it missed & then looking for the change in time that I made. I’ve had a little luck with scheduling something at an off time other that top/bottom/quarter of the hour (e.g., 0653hrs or 25 minutes after). Maybe I’m fooling myself that it works.

  9. I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. If you accept please click below. Congrats!!

  10. Lara Croft is an excellent “entry” into the gaming world 🙂

  11. Yeah! You are back! I missed you.

  12. Quality post matey! I’m always impressed when a girly takes an interest in gaming, especially Lara Croft. Not being sexist or anything but in my world the majority of girls, ladies, women…totty if you like….tend to look at video games as boys toys, and would rather paint their nails and chat about junk tv or lol with their pals on Facebook.

    So a big high five to your wife, oh and Happy Birthday anyway!!

    • Thanks Dave. The women in my life are of all sorts, but girly at heart in all cases. It helps to remind me occasionally that theyre not always just one of the boys…

  13. Happy birthday anyway, John!

  14. The Xbox Song is wonderful. Thanks for sharing it! And it’s good to have you back.

  15. Dear Aussie,
    U crack me up.

  16. Happy, very much belated, birthday wishes, Aussie John! 🙂 I like that you have a whole week of celebrations, that’s the way to do it! That Tripod song is very funny! Do you like Flight of the Conchordes? 🙂 I think they are the shit! 🙂

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