Locked Keys In Car (Urban Legend)

Inspired by David Marshall over at http://opionator.wordpress.com/ I’ve come to the conclusion to drop the Urban Legends of Dumb Workers into a post or two…  So prepare for the first Urban Legend…

But first let me explain what these Urban Legends of Dumb Workers are all about.  They are the stories you hear every so often that happened to someone than later another person had the exact same experience, and your all like “Oh My God!  What a coincidence!!” until you hear it for a third, and fourth and the legend continues as you find yourself travelling from jobsite to jobsite.  Unsure how to react the next time you hear it, I try to fight the urge to simply finish the line for them, and explain that “It happened to nine other people I’ve met, I just wonder did you all goto the same place?”

Okay so the Urban Legend…
A couple dropped their car off to a dealership for it’s regulated car service and went out shopping (insert three urban myths here during shopping experience) and afterwards returned to the dealership to be heeded by the receptionist that their car keys were locked in the car.

Upon entering the workshop to see how the mechanic was going.  He was working on unlocking the passenger side door and after some serious cussing and smashing his tools on the ground, the wife of the party decided to see if the keys were in the ignition or on the seat and instinctively pulled the lever up.  To her surprise the door was unlocked.

“This door is unlocked”  She noted to the mechanic, to which he replied “I know that, I’ve already done that side.”

Needless to say, they no longer go to that dealership to have their car serviced.

John The Aussie

~ by John the Aussie on May 1, 2012.

36 Responses to “Locked Keys In Car (Urban Legend)”

  1. Bahahahahaha

  2. I laughed so hard, I almost starting wheezing!
    ROFLMAO! ♥

  3. I personally know 8 people who know someone who knows someone who knows these people. HAHAHAHHAHA

  4. Really? Ok here is a true story. I had just arrived at a clients house that I had contracted to clean. It was a side business I kept when I needed to supplement my income. For some reason that day I had put my cleaning tools in the back seat of my car instead of the trunk which would have required me to use a key to open it. So when I closed the rear car door, after locking it, I realized that my purse, with the keys in it, was sitting on the back seat. Well, I thought, no big deal. The person I was cleaning for would be home soon and I could ask him to use his Auto Club to come and open my car for me. So after I finished cleaning the house, the owner came home and I asked him if he had Auto Club and if he wouldn’t mind calling them out to open my car. He told me that he didn’t but he had something better and walked me over to a neighbor. He gave the neighbor a quick explanation and within a few minutes the neighbor had gotten my car door unlocked. I asked him how he did it. The guy said he use to steal cars for a living. Go figure.

    • BAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG rich! OK I have used hackers to help me.. but that is the BEST!

    • Brilliant, what a way to save money with a next door neighbour like that, even if retired.

      My mother taught me how to break into cars, a family habit of locking keys in the car. I use to carry a wire coat hanger in the hub caps if my car just for the occasion, and many of times had to help people in car parks.

      My favourite was when two cops were working on unlocking a car and when I offered my services they agreed. Most hilux vehicle have a fire wall and the lock on the door is straight. So I went through the handle and what usually takes me fifteen minutes to work out took me less than two and after some questioning they were satisfied I wasn’t a pro.

  5. I hate to admit this AT ALL, but this, this is something I would do. Including pouting, throwing a fit and stomping my feet only have someone walking over and open the door.. Oh WAIT.. this has happened to me *faceplant*

    • Central locking is a bitch, the only way to get in without damage is to lift the lock inside. Computerized cars are impossible for me. But I learnt from roadside assistance how to break into 90’s BMWs when the batteries died in the car.

      As for fits, I’ve broken the window of my own car many of times when aggravated…

  6. OMG, the exact same thing happened to my sister’s husband’s friend!

  7. LOL Sounds like a real fixit kind of mechanic. 🙂

  8. Ha, ha… what fun!

  9. Funny! If this is all from the same dealership … avoid at ALL costs. If this were stories from multiple dealerships… then avoid getting your car repaired in Aussie … lol!! Just kidding mate.

    • I tried hard to back track to its source. The story propped up in a magazine and referenced a Ford dealership in New South Wales, Australia originally….

  10. They have cars in austrailia?

  11. Bwahahahaha!

  12. You know, sometimes people just can’t see beyond the nose on their face, seriously!

  13. Hi, John. I nominated you for an award…


    Hope you like it!

  14. Reblogged this on curvyelviesays.

  15. Rattling fantastic and funny as always!

  16. I simply want to say I’ve also heard this before from an Australian friend.

  17. You’ve had me in stitches all night with you posts, I think I peed a little.

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