“This is the most interesting part of digging into the mind shafts of the people that experienced the era.”

RAB is a professional grammar ninja and wordsmith, and I couldn’t pass up sharing this post because of her student using mining metaphors.

RAB encounters many of these and much more, I’m genuinely impressed by her writing and dread each time I update in hopes she doesn’t pull my post to pieces…. I Hope to myself RAB just enjoys my speach patterned post and doesn’t see it as written, ya know like imagining Dundee is talking.

I wonder how much RAB is pulling her hair out reading this comment.

You Knew What I Meant

This is #2 of the three newly-discovered Horrors in the old gradebook I came across yesterday. And THIS (finding the Horrors) is far and away the most interesting part of digging around in old gradebooks!

I wish I could persuade myself that my student was trying to evoke a complex image here. Possibly, yes, she wrote “digging” and decided to follow the metaphor. But I’m afraid the probability is that she was just confused.

Neurosurgeons might equate “mind shafts” with the nerve networks that carry sensory (and other) impulses to receptors in the brain. Psychoanalysts might think of dream-tunnels that lead into the unconscious, where a person’s memories await rediscovery. Literature professors might think of the texts that serve as conduits for us to enter other lives, other times, other consciousnesses.

My student might have been thinking of this last idea, text-as-conduit. Then “mind shafts” would be a conscious…

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~ by John the Aussie on April 12, 2012.

6 Responses to ““This is the most interesting part of digging into the mind shafts of the people that experienced the era.””

  1. She’s enjoying the comment, and very appreciative that you wanted to reblog the Miner post! Your blog is very enjoyable too!

  2. Very funny John thanks fer passin it along to the rest of us…I am extremeley interested in language it’s uses, origins, quirks, quandaries, sub-text, sub cultural differences, metaphors, slang, cliches and expressions..The minor miner mined the mine that was mine, using mines of mine, mind you, mindfully mining like only a miner, who’s a minor could mine mine with mines

    • No worries mate. Ya should check put the rest of RAB’s posts. RAB has a great collection of these common(?) Stuff ups.

      Nice tongue twister… I’m gonna tax it from ya, with a link back of course…

  3. Thanks for sharing John! When I first read the caption, I was confused, then assumed it must of been some play on words. That is, until I read the article.

    I followed RAB in hopes that someday she might read some of my stories and correct my grammar so that I may become a better writer. 😉

    • Ya welcome mate. There are a few paragraphs I had to read twice amongst RAB’s articles because of the play of words she incorporates. Enjoyable none the least.

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