From word of wis-dumb Pete shares his story of a stans-off between himself and a sub-manager on a power trip.

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Check Mate

Before I get into this post, I have to set some background information. Without getting into too much classified detail, so I don’t get fires, I will give a breakdown of the workday. Basically, I go to different supermarkets and make sure that everything is up to the standards set by the company. Before I leave, I have to find a manager to sign my daily worksheet. The purpose of this signature is to prove that I showed up and performed my duty. The other day, I walked into a store and began working. About fifteen minutes after my arrival, one of the assistant managers asked an associate to mop the stockroom. He definitely knew I was in the store at the time, but he decided to make the request anyway. When I walked into the backroom, i asked the worker if it was ok for me to…

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~ by John the Aussie on April 7, 2012.

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  1. People can be such fools.

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