Dumb workers receive the Versatile Blogger Award.


John The Aussie Dave Farmer was the initial nominator in this prestigious award.  Check out his post called Versatile Blogger Award .  Now let me explain who Dave is to me.

I first got sucked in with Character creation. which was absolutely brilliant advice on creating a character, maintaining the character and knowing your character before and as he, she or it develops.  I went on further reading many of his tips later to find he had hidden survival tips (hidden in the top bar) and short fiction.  He’s also a great blogger, creating posts of all topics that interest him or just simply piss him off (not his words)

So my first load of gratitude goes to Dave Farmer; A writer, blogger and noobcake (in his words)

John The AussieAndrea (a Dark Earth Angel) nominated me for the award sixteen hours later!  Check out her post called Holistic Words Nominated the ‘Versatile Blogger’ Award.  Who is this Andrea and how do you two know each other?

Well, I was sitting there trying to decide to search for something, ANYTHING! I was bored, so what else to type but “something” and got The Ordinary………….Something… A post about a book she forgot the name of, and after a few clicks to a later post I was led to A Hidden Dark Dimension and decided to forward it to a great Australian survivalist friend who might of been interedted.

My second (but not lest appreciated) thanks goes to Andrea; a Reiki practitioner, a complementary therapist, pathology student and writer for Holistic Words.

So I hear you asking, “What the fuck is this ‘Versatile Blogger’ award?”

1. Nominate 15 other Bloggers.

2. Include the Award (image) in the post.

3. Thank the person who nominated you and link them into the Post.

4. Share 7 random things about yourself.

5. Include the rules in the post.

6. Inform every Blogger that you’ve nominated by posting on their blog.

GOD DAMN PIECE OF SHIT TWICE! FUCKING TWICE!  I’ve typed out 14 long assed facts and 30 bloggers and descriptions and it failed to post…  So I posted 14 facts and saved it, and it failed to do so… What the fuck is wrong with this thing?  Well I’ve said my thanks (which is well deserved by my nominators) so I’m gonna be cheating and doing simple facts this bloody time… REALLY?! three fucking days og fucking up with posting?  I’m gonne be copy and pasting this into a word document before attempting anything this time… FUCK! I swear soon I am going to find out if a laptopn can rip in half with bare hands.

  1. I fucking hate it when technology fails… Years of internet and people still can’t get shit right…
  2. I forgive to easily.
  3. I am a coffee and nicotine addict..
  4. I read to much because of OCD
  5. I can procrastinate like a
  6. I need a breeze to sleep
  7. I like DIY projects, renovations and hands on shit.
  8. I got a habit of horeding
  9. I am scared of shadows that are cast without bodies
  10. I am currently watching a marathon of true blood (actually getting up to chang a disc at the end bracket) and I am enjoying it…
  11. I want to get back down to 110kg’s
  12. I horde shit I don’t need but comes in handy eventually (in the shed)
  13. I collects daggers and pewter dragons
  14. I hate these questions…
WordPress.com User
jasondegray http://jasondegray.wordpress.com
Writing Blanks http://writingblanks.wordpress.com
Darktherapy http://anamericanmagpie.wordpress.com
hawkruh1 http://hawkruh1.wordpress.com
Anina Minnaar http://aninaminnaar.wordpress.com
Jen and Tonic http://sipsofjenandtonic.com
thefibitz http://thefibitz.wordpress.com
Dotty Headbanger http://dottyheadbanger.wordpress.com
TheeUnseen http://theeunseenblog.wordpress.com
klparry http://klparry.wordpress.com
TBT http://thebitchytruth.wordpress.com
Tranquil Ape http://game-dad.com
The Dress Lover http://thedresslover.wordpress.com
Duane Patrick http://apocalypticfilms.wordpress.com
dysfunctional unit http://disfuctionalunit.wordpress.com
curvyelvie http://curvyelviesays.wordpress.com
Peter Teixeira http://peterteixeira.wordpress.com
cheekystars123 http://cheekystars.wordpress.com
John Phillips http://joebeans2002.wordpress.com
sharmamridul http://sharmamridul.wordpress.com

~ by John the Aussie on April 2, 2012.

49 Responses to “Dumb workers receive the Versatile Blogger Award.”

  1. LOL!
    For some strange reason I’m reminded of the Monty Pythons Flying Circus “Aussie Sketch”…………….Rule No.1 No poofders!. 😀
    Thanks muchly for your comments even if it was ubber stressful xx

    • I love it when pommys take the piss out of us skips, and sometimes even when it seems over exaggerated, there are a few that match the parodies, near on perfect.

  2. Congratulations! 🙂

  3. yay! good for you! ^_^

  4. I read too much about BPD. But I figure if I keep reading about it and posting about it, eventually, I’ll get bored and start acting “normal” for a refreshing change of pace.

  5. You are nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award. Congratulations. See my page for details.

  6. Reblogged this on Alaskan Dreams.

  7. You Are versatile! Wouldn’t that be one of the things that make a Great Blogger?! Congratulations.

  8. Dear John,
    Congratulations and I for one want to see you do your other one. 👿
    Love Dotty xxx
    P.S. Thank you for nominating me.

  9. WOW THANK YOU Mr. Man! Oh my this is going to be a challenge! Will link you as soon as I can get it up and running!

  10. You had me laughing so hard I can’t be pissed at ya…really 15 bloggers? Bloody hell! Oh, well girls gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Curvy Out

  11. Congrats and thanks (I think). I don’t get this whole award thing, dugh!

  12. I reckon Number 9 would scare the hell out of me too! On the subject of posts failing to publish, I’ve had the same problem recently. I’ve found if you’re logged in too long without saving or being physically active on your dashboard WP tends to log you out without telling you. So before I hit publish I right click my post, select all and copy. That way if your shit fails you still have your shit to paste back in. Yay!

  13. John-Congrats and thanks, or cheers mate fer the nomination…I feel a little unworthy but will do my best to rise to the challenge…
    thanks again,

  14. Thanks for the Versatile Blogger Award nomination Dumb Worker! I enjoy reading your blog and appreciate the fanfare. Keep up with your writing! Here is a link to thank you for the nomination: http://thefibitz.wordpress.com/2012/04/03/look-ma-two-more-versatile-blogger-award-nominations/

  15. Congratulations on your awards! I tried not to laugh at your computer frustrations but I have to admit I did. You sound like I do when my computer freezes up. : )

    • I swear, by next year I will have a new laptop due to me blacking out and waking up to casing and keys all over the floor with the electronic guts laying over the desk…

  16. Thanks for the support! Keep the great posts coming.

  17. […] is cool and the Mate who  nominated me has a rockin blog, very funny and so I feel pretty amazed that he nominated an ol’ crazy machine like […]

  18. Versatile? Okay, you deserve it.

  19. Congratz!!

    I considered participating, but I don’t know fifteen other bloggers to nominate… oh well. Good for you guy. I enjoy reading your posts, so… well deserved.

  20. Congratulations!

  21. Hey John, can you please give me some words because how you found me and why did you give me this award? Thanks

    • Yeah mate, no worries.

      I actually was told to check out your site after some discussion on zombieinitiativr.org chat whilst discussing blogs of zombie related stories.

      When i checked your blog, I returned to chat and stated to the referer “It’s in another language ya bloody drongo.”

      To which he replied “Use a translator you bloomin’ idiot”

      So i did, I had to read Another Day: Thriller’s first three chapters a few times to work out the language vs translator barrier. Once I found the right site to translate your work properly I downloaded the addon to my email account and now relish in your fictional world.

      You were nominated for two reasons… First is that your world was that little more different because of cultural differences, the perspective of the writer (you) and the xhatactets, though similar in many ways, stood out from the most common stories.

      The second, being that it hasn’t become monotonous yet.

  22. […] I was nominated or tagged or SOMETHING by the Dumb Worker over at Sleeping Insomniac oh wait.. ok John the Aussie and I promised I would do this and I was doing this over at Cabin Goddess but I lost it and frankly […]

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