The “Read Me!” List.

In continuation of Requesting help from readers… I though I better share the new list.  And don’t hesitate to suggest more, this is just to share out and hopefully find a few more reads so I don’t have to do a repeat of the same thing next year.

So I’ll begin with HOLY FUCKING SHIT!  Did you see the response?  It has nearly 6 times less hits then my biggest hitting post, my biggest is the controversial (besides home page) is I’m Just a dumb Miner – And you, you are literally a bloody wanker (NSFW).  Yet I hit home with so many that were eager to share their worlds of fantasy that they once (or still are) enjoyed being a part of as they sifted through the pages, (scrolled down) reading the words of an author worth mentioning to another eager fan of the universe inside a book. Oh god, I think I’m reading to many monologues…  Now I wonder if I created a blog about the right topic… Well I did, it’s my blog and I can blog about anything…

Why on earth did I create this list?  Because I was in a bind and was way behind in my reading.  Books were yet to be released, I’m now WAY out of town that it becomes a pain in the ass to visit a book store with wife and kids and I really didn’t want to spend money online unless I had good reviews from other like minded people.

So it began with a list that I had waded through over the last couple of years and broke myself down into a very small list of books and needed advice on what is actually good out there with a tide of books swelling upon the shelves and kindles around the english speaking world.  Ah crap now I’m onto analogies…  Screw it, I’ll get to the point, nobody cares about these lead ups anyways…

So without further ado, here is the list (in order of suggestion, not preference… yet)

    • David Eddings – Legends of Shannara Duology (and his three unamed books yet to be released) (Suggested by ME!)
    • Christopher Paolini – The Inheritance Cycle (Suggested By ME!)
    • Raymond E. Feist –  Magician, then SIlverthorn and A Darkness at Sethanon & his Riftwar saga (Suggested by Dave Farmer)
    • Tad Williams – Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn trilogy (Suggested by Dave Farmer)
    • Chris Bunch -Dragon Master Trilogy (Suggested by Dave Farmer)
    • George R. R. Martin –  A Song of Fire and Ice series (Suggested by Dave Farmer )
    •  Stephen King – Dark Tower series (Suggested by Dave Farmer)
    • Robert Jordan – Wheel of time series & completed by Brandon Sanderson(Suggested By SaGa243)
    • Terry Goodkind – Sword of Truth series (Suggested By SaGa243)
    • Orson Scott Card  – The Homecoming Saga & Ender’s Game series (Suggested By SaGa243)

    • Neal Stephenson – Anathem (Suggested By SaGa243)
    • Madeleine L’Engle – Wrinkle Quintet (Suggested by Julianne Snow )
    • Marion Zimmer Bradley – Avalon Series – The Darkover Series – The Shadow’s Gate Series (Suggested by Julianne Snow )
    • Ursula Le Guin – The Left Hand of Darkness –  The Dispossessed-  The Telling – The Lathe of Heaven ( Suggested by theveganpennypincher)
    • Tad Williams – Otherland Series  ( Suggested by theveganpennypincher)
    • R A Salvatore (Suggested by James – a great friend of mine that seems to not like to comment on my posts…  I think he’s scared- PUSSY!)
    • Brandon Sanderson – Elantris and Warbreaker (Suggested by David Marshall )
    • James Rollins – Amazonia – Excavation – Ice Hunt – Subterranean – Added The Banned and the Banished series and Godslayer to the list myself (Suggested by rubyblue32 & Julianne Snow)
    •  Seamus Heaney – Beowulf – (Suggested by RAB)
    • Piers Anthony – Incarnations of immortality series – Xanth Series – (Suggested byTranquil Ape


    • Nicole Chardenet – Young Republican, Yuppie Princess (Plugged by Nicole Chardenet)
    • CS Friedman – Coldfire Trilogy (Suggested by Ebonstorm)
    • Dan Simmons – Hyperion Cantos (Suggested by Ebonstorm)
    • Darren O’Shaughnessy – Cirque Du Freak Series and The Demonata series added by me (Suggested by KiNgDeeM)
    • Kevin J. Anderson – The Saga of the Seven Suns (Suggested by John)
    • Stephen R. Donaldson – Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever (Suggested by John)
    • Ian Banks – The Culture novels – (Suggested by Marc Winger)
    • Haruki Murakami – Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World (Suggested by Imagery Photography)
    • Ray Bradbury – Fahrenheit 451 and The Illustrated Man (Suggested by bigron42)

Author Suggestion and their Suggestees

NO, I am not going to be doing reviews… Ya seen my linguistics?  I ain’t exactly got me a great deal of skills in grammar, punctuation, vocabulary… oh who am I kidding.  I just hate doing reviews, I hated doing essays on books in school, why the hell would I do it online for fun(?)… Not to say it’s a bad thing to do, I love reading reviews of books.  My reviews are just to, well Idunno.   Okay I’ll try one or two here and there… I shouldn’t blog this late while at work, it does things to my writing…

So with this sum up of the suggested books, I think I can nearly make it to the same time next year for a re-list and maybe a different genre… though genre change I doubt…


~ by John the Aussie on March 28, 2012.

28 Responses to “The “Read Me!” List.”


    This book is in that: horror/fantasy/thriller/Stevenkingish category. It kept my interest. The shifting POV worked well. Plus, Koontz has a dark-comedic way of describing internal events that’s entertaining.

    • All new suggestions are welcome, but they go onto next years list… I just have to many! I like Dean Koontz style, and “What The Night Knows” looks as good as the rest of his work…

      Thanks Jaen.

  2. You should move Robert Jordan up to the top. No one (Maybe Tolkein) creates scale and scope like Jordan.

  3. Reckon there’s more booky goodness than you shake a stick at, depending on the shape, size, length and fierceness of shaking of course!

  4. Great list! I’d also add to that The Chathrand Voyage series (beginning with The Red Wolf Conspiracy) by Robert V.S. Redick.

  5. Dear John,

    Try The Passage by Justin Cronin. I love it. Going by the vampire books and the classics you said you like I think this will appeal to you, it’s very well written (he’s a literary author). It’s the first in a trilogy, the second book is to be published later this year.

    Love Dotty xxx

  6. should I start at the top of the list, the bottom of the list or somewhere in the middle because I doubt I will live long enough to read them all. thanks for your post my friend

  7. J-Great list, already read many-George RR of course one of my more recent fav’s-Jordan was great but man, I think I stopped reading at book 8 or 9 and decided I will re-read them all and finish once I retire cause that series takes some serious time commitment-“Chronicles…” by Donaldson I read when I was a young unit, all I can remember is that I thought the main character was one hell of a whiner-Anyway again great list, give’s me some new options….As fer suggestions well you got a pretty good list and if we’re sticking to fantasy/science fantasy I can only think of a couple I would add to the list, of course anything by Philip K. Dick, also like the futurist William Gibson, anyway thanks J-oh and I don’t know about others but I read the lead ups…

  8. Martin is excellent, I have just finished reading Clash of Kings. I have really enjoyed The Historian, by Elizabeth Kostova, and semi sequel to Dracula, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, by Susanna Clarke is an epic alternate history with a slice of magic, Carter Beats the Devil, by Glen David Gold is a great book about turn of the century magicians. I also love very much I Am Legend, by Richard Matheson, much better than the movie. Congo or Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton, or anything by Bernard Cornwall, Simon Scarrow or Conn Iggulden if you like historical fiction. I don’t read alot of SciFi sorry. The Princess Bride is also pretty good, despite the name, and any Conan, or Solomon Kane story is worth checking out. Hope this helps!

    (A re-comment from

  9. I have nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award. To view all nominees and comments please go to
    Andrea xx 🙂

  10. Very interesting post! Perfect just what I was looking for!

  11. I read a lot, but obviously I’m missing some pretty good books. Right now…I’m ashamed to admit…I’m reading my son’s books (and he’s 12 almost 13) The Hunger Games series. And actually, they’re better than I expected. We’re even planning on watching the recently released movie based on the book. If nothing else it’ll be a great mother/son bonding time.

    • I’ve been informed that after reading the books, watch the movie. Apparently its a great way to pit it all into perspective and doesn’t ruin the books at all. Personally I like the books they were good, but.not great.

      I hope the bonding moment brings some discussion over the book and some inside jokes only you and your son understand… They are great moments.

  12. I agree, they aren’t the greatest thing I’ve ever read, but I’ve also read a lot worse!

    We actually already have been discussing the book. It’s interesting b/c I get to find out how his opinions differ from mine, and that’s a good thing.

  13. That is a long list, I hope you enjoy it.

    • I know, it’s 15 books up from last year and people keep posting free books meaning I keep getting behind and reading 3 books at once depending on location and dammit I better enjoy it and thankyou for stopping by and I think I needed to add a fullstop in somewhere but I am excited to read an update from WZF sitting at the bottom of my current email list…

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