Beware the wounded Queenslander!

G’day!  So I walked into one of the many bosses office and found a great poem I needed to share with every one.  It was written by Ruper McCall.

For those not a skip, there is a time of year that three almighty games are played to settle which state is better then the other in Rugby League.  Flags are waved proudly as the banter and slandering are slung to and fro just as enthusiastically.  Rifts in mateship, family, marraiges arrive during these days as the opponents prepare to face off at each other.  The ridicule of the losing team is rubbed sweetly into the fans of the opposing teams.  Much to say, it’s one of the greatest moments each year, we can tell our father-in-laws that they barrack for a bunch of pussies, we can tell our bosses how weak they are just like their states team.  It is New South Wales vs Queensland, mano a mano as the players disregard their own safety and launch themselves at each other forgetting they play for laddered teams in the moments of The State Of Origin.

Anways, this is kinda more for the folks here in the sunburnt land, though I know quite a few will appreciate the poetry none the less.

Beware the wounded Queenslander!!

Beware the wounded Queenslander,
Beware his injured pride.
Ignore the allegations that his dominance has died,
Beware his stingingbattle scarsbeware his weary limp,
Disregard the rumour that betrays him as a wimp,
For his mask of desperation is a devious disguise
Beneath it there is fire and a tiger in his eyes,
For well does he remember what it is that makes him tick,
When MAROON is wrapped around himand his body turns to brick.
It was born in 1980 with the outbreak of a WAR,
When Arthur left the tunnel to a God almighty Roar.
A roar that rocked the Rafters a Roar that lit the Fuse.
For the the Blood and Bone of QUEENSLAND to go out and FLOG THE BLUES,
And the rush of proud emotionwhen the final whistle came,
Made it more than just a victory and more than just a game,
It was”GO YOU BLOODY QUEENSLANDER” off load that magic pass,
Grab that dirty COCKROACH and kick his cocky arse!!
It grew with every battle it was sewn in every sweater,
It made the player wearing it feel Bigger, Badder, Better,
And though the Blues on paper were Fitter ,Stronger,Slicker,
The strongest piece of paper couldn’t beat an honest  TICKER!!

John The Aussie

A photo of the poster I came across.

~ by John the Aussie on March 21, 2012.

6 Responses to “Beware the wounded Queenslander!”

  1. I loved the poem though I admit I know nothing about rugby. And you are insane with the dumb miner post. I have not seen anything like this and I read a lot of blogs lol. Keep up the good work.

  2. Great poem! It really reflects the competition of your rugby. I’m not sure, but I think I detected a bit of defeatism, as if it’s a fight they (Queenslanders) can’t win. I’m sure that’s not it, just a local cultural thing.

    • I’m not sure but, I think it was a time of three years in a row were lost to the Cockroaches. Now, Queensland currently holds the record for most wins in a row and this year hope to break another year.

  3. Ahh, Rugby, one of the only real “mans” game left! Watch a lot of both Rugby & Aussie rules football.
    Nice poem love the line
    ”GO YOU BLOODY QUEENSLANDER” off load that magic pass,
    Grab that dirty COCKROACH and kick his cocky arse!!”
    Thanks for sharing the poem celebrates the passion of team loyalty very nicely.
    Hope ya don’t mind but here’s one of my own celebrating the “man” in all of us…hope ya enjoy.

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