Liebster Nominee! So heres some Live hiccups.

John The Aussie

April Denton nominated me for the Liebster Blog award. Thanks April!!!

“WTF IS THAT?” I hear you ask… well I essentially asked the same thing, just a little less bluntly… for once.

“The Liebster is supposed to be for blogs with less than 200 followers that deserve recognition” April Denton

So from what I gather I must give thanks to the nominator, then nominate five bloggers who I think deserve the attention.  Then they go an and spread the good word… I think I seen this movie.  Either way I think it’s great and whoever created it, I would like to personally thankyou, but not so much as to track it backwards to you…

My Nominees are (in no particular order):

1. Siân –

2. Nori –

3. Malinari –

4. Leo –

5. Tookes –

Now for some humor, because we all know that’s why you come here… You wanna see Australians in full form… So what better way than seeing them live on television.

~ by John the Aussie on February 14, 2012.

6 Responses to “Liebster Nominee! So heres some Live hiccups.”

  1. lol I love those candid moments…

  2. Thanks for the Nomination!

  3. Are there rules about language on tv in Oz? Here all of those programs would have dumped out of the live feed to save from getting massive fines.

    • Yeah there are rules, for different times of the day/night. Not sure what. But our live is genuinely live. Shit just happens sometimes.

      • The US is so uptight in all the wrong places. God forbid a child hear a swear word or see a boob, but seeing someone’s head graphically blown off is just fine.

        And we wonder why society is so violent.

  4. Funny shit!

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