I’m just a Dumbestic Goddess…..amongst other things

Evening one and all

Ok ok so I’m long overdue in posting but believe me keep reading and you’ll understand shortly

I am what is commonly termed as a Stay At Home Mother (SAHM) being that I am a mother of three totally gorgeous little horrors who stays at home full time to rear her young.

‘Lucky you’ I hear you say

‘No need to deal with bosses, office politics, traffic and the general rat race that goes with a day-to-day job’ I hear you say

‘I’d love to get up everyday with no job to go to and play with the kids all day’ I have even heard directed my way

And i agree with most of these…..to an extent

I am extremely lucky in that i have the chance to spend great quality time with my kids in their formative years and i get to see the awesome little people we created change and grow.  And of course it would not be possible for me to do without the sacrifice and support of my hubby who works away for extended periods just so we can afford for me not to do paying work.

HOWEVER…..if you think for one second I spend my days lazing about or out shopping or on coffee dates and I don’t have a job or work you are dead wrong!

Ok so that’s not technically correct … I don’t have A job ……. I have COUNTLESS

Here is a bit of a run down of what is involved in one of the most under-appreciated professions worldwide …..

When you become a mother you also unwittingly agree to fill the following positions – cook, cleaner, nurse, doctor, teacher, coach, event coordinator, sanitation crew, toxic waste manager, seamstress, fashion coordinator, referee, mediator, judge, jury, executioner, personal assistant, paramedic, nutritionist, dietition, handyman, gardener, animal control, body guard, human shield, purchasing officer, accountant, secretary, chauffeur, linguist, translator, theropist, negotiator, wrestler, wrangler and lastly (for what I can think of for now) my kids very own version of Google for the millions of ‘whys and what’s that’ questions that children seem to be filled with.

And to go with all this I don’t get paid a salary or wage, can’t ‘chuck a sickie’ to do as I please (or even take time to get better if I really was sick), no holidays or holiday pay, no regular work week or weekends just on call 24/7 ….. But what i do get is a spontaneous hug or kiss, watching realisation dawn on the face of a little one as he works something out for the first time, those first laughs, words, steps, those moments that will never ever be repeated, an ‘I lub you’ every morning and night, and the satisfaction of knowing I’m doing my best to give the world three more decent intelligent little people.  For these reasons I wouldn’t trade being a SAHM for the world.

So I may not have a fancy job title or big fat pay check to show my worth but by jingies I bet I have the most rewarding.

So if you know a SAHM give her a hug and a thank you just so she knows someone has noticed her contribution (or at least a glass of wine – she deserves it)

~ by proudaussiemama on January 4, 2012.

4 Responses to “I’m just a Dumbestic Goddess…..amongst other things”

  1. “When you become a mother you also unwittingly agree to fill the following positions … secretary…”

    Proof of admitance.

    Welcome to the world of blogging!

  2. PMSL – i threw that one in for you benefit honey xox

  3. Well said. I’m a SAHM too, and I completely understand.

  4. I would add to this that daycare workers (the private ones more than the bigger group ones) are also under appreciated. I watched my mother perform this job for years to feed her kids. Often people would switch between insulting her as a babysitter who just watches kids, to dealing with situations like a bank that wouldn’t let her have the loan for a house on her own because she didn’t have a “serious” job. For those who take the time, effort and expense to really make it a good experience for the children under their care, as my mother did it can be difficult to deal with.

    Anyone who thinks caring for children is child’s play should really try it, be it your own or others.

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