I’m Just a Dumb Miner- But I know the unwritten rules #2

We’ve established that there are unspoken rules work colleagues abide by…  But some people spend half their working life on their knees, hiding under the boss’s desk.

That’s probably the most polite way to call these guys who tell the bosses everything, everyone does wrong all the time, cocksucker… Kiss ass… Suck up.

Smoking in our mine site anywhere is a dismissable offence.  That’s right, Australia law allows a company to create a complete non smoking, open pit, 1000 acre property just to reap in some government scheme.  We are at no time allowed to leave the site for a cigarette.

Don’t get me wrong, I agree with 99% of the freedom taken away from us Australians regarding smoking laws, but ensuring one can’t smoke for 14hours is a drag. (Pun intended)

So some people (not saying it is me), go to an area that is secluded, down wind and out of site of the non-smokers.  Not because we it is against site policy, but because it is the polite thing to do.

Now a after a close call of me picking up cigarette butts to clean up the area due to good housekeeping procedures (or ensuring evidence is kept at a minimum) the boss walked around the corner to see a shopping bag full of the discarded butts and a coffin nail hanging from my mouth.  I casually put it out, put it in the bag and continued to fill the plastic bag.

“Do you think your going to fill that bag?” Asked the boss…

“Don’t see why not mate, this is the second bag I filled.  I got the middle stint off, so I thought I would clean up a little.”

He stood for a moment thinking… “As long as you fill that second bag, I don’t see a problem”

A few days later the boss was in his office and I went on another cleanup, with a cancer stick, once again hanging from my mouth as I worked.  A bloke from the other crew doing overtime walked over and started to help me.  I extinguished my nicotine hit, knowing he did not smoke himself and a after a nod of acknowledgment we worked in silence for a couple of hours.  When we were done (not a butt left on the ground) I thanked him, but he gave me a snarled stare and walked away.

What the hell?

Talking with another boss of mine later (who indulged in killing himself slowly as well) he told me the following.

“The dickhead went to dob ya in.  When the other supervisor heard what you were doing he said to the snitch.  “He’s been out there twice this week working for hours picking up everyones rubbish, butts and ear plugs.  Thanks for telling me what a great job he is doing and I think you should go help him until he stops.”. Then the wanker told me, so after saying the same thing, he is cleaning out the vehicles.”

Rule #2 – Unless it directly affects you or someone’s safety… Never snitch on a colleague.  You’ll end up with or worse of then them.

John The Aussie

~ by John the Aussie on December 13, 2011.

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