Dumb Chef: The Special… of the day is sausages.

Our phone rang, I ran to the office and answered politely (honest)

me: Hello, (restaurant name & location)

caller: Hi this is Julie from **** (food supplier) just a courtesy call to let you know the sausages you ordered are out of stock and won’t be on your next delivery. Shall I re-order them for you when they come back into stock or do you want to ring back and re-order yourself?

me: … We had a delivery today…. and we had sausages on the delivery.

caller: Yes they are in stock this morning but we will run out by this afternoon so do you want me to put them on your next order when they come back in?

me: We haven’t made our next order yet, our last delivery only left 10 mins ago

caller: So shall I add them on to your next order?

me: We don’t have a next order. I’ll be phoning through my order tomorrow afternoon. Will the sausages be back in stock by then?

caller: Oh yes.

me: So why are you phoning me today?

caller: …. silence …. erm… I’m not sure really. You came up on my screen.

me: Right. Have a nice day.

I walked out of the office just as confused as the caller to find one of the cooks sitting on the kitchen floor taking her socks off to show the waitress her toes. After a genuine facepalm moment and an instruction to put her socks and shoes back on and to go wash her hands I went outside for a smoke. Sometimes I’m not paid enough.

~ by ukzombiekiller on October 28, 2011.

3 Responses to “Dumb Chef: The Special… of the day is sausages.”


  2. Pre-emptive salesforce strike. Sometimes a good sausage is hard to find.

  3. Reminds me of my years in tech support. Ye gods, ‘teh stuppid’ is all around us.

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