Newest members to the dumb workers post.


So it gets on that sometimes people don’t do anything stupid or moronic for a while…  I know right “Impossible!”… Well, they are keeping out of reach from the Eskimo’s (& my) eyes and ears.  Resulting on things from the past being brought up.

After a little convincing of a resident blogger UKZombiekiller! The Welsh lady hides herself at .  Where her struggles in the future to keep her family together during an apocalypse.

Unknown to many, she actually works in hospitality and deals with workers and even worse customers everytime she shows up to work.  Given the oppurtunity and a poll (with 9 votes in full favour and one that just thought it was a good idea) UKZ’ will be adding a few of her stories here and there.

John The Aussie

Another fellow blogger will also be posting randomly some moments of his life as he directs a bunch of peons in a tech workplace.  He goes by the name of Victor Tookes.  A (now) author of his book What Zombies Fear: A Fathers Quest.  Though public for the world to see at , the book gives more insight, better grammar, better everything.  So check oput his epic story and buy his book either on kindle or paperback.

Oh and err, you might notice a side story just starting up and a couple of inserts through the blog where I’ve come in… Yeah ignore the fact they are there, this isn’t a plug, this is letting you know where the bloke is coming from.  The American from Pennsylvania has a sense of humor (Somewhere) behind all that serious, dedicated, prick of a mind of his.

John The Aussie

The most important person in my life is also joining in sharing her stories.  From the sunkissed land of down under, her beauty matches stands out of the scenics Oz has to offer.  Her wits are a challenge to me at times, catching me offgaurd occasionaly (which I am sure she will post about).  Putting up with kids, husband, mother groups, doctors / nurses, teens, tweens, stupidity and just down right funny moments I present to you my wife. (May the god(s) of whatever is real protect me)

Proud Aussie Mama and I have been together over 7 years now (I think, I hope I got that right otherwise this is my last post and it’s been great knowing you all).  With our two sons, and new to the world baby girl, she has some stories to share that crack me up, make me crack the shits, and make me want to crack some drongos in the nose.

So you get to meet the lady that I stand by in hard times and good, and you may even get to learn that even sometimes, I stuff up.  ’cause ya know, nobody is perfect… yet…

~ by John the Aussie on October 17, 2011.

9 Responses to “Newest members to the dumb workers post.”

  1. Hi

  2. oh i likey very much! cant wait to see all the stories!! woooop!

  3. Exciting! I always share the stories with everyone… now there will be more! Woot!

  4. I am still waiting for someone to do something monumentally stupid in work. It seems everyone has taken sane pills while I was on maternity leave. Welcome Mrs Proud Aussie Mama 🙂

  5. welcome both of you time to pass the “king/queen” of the dealing with stupid people crown over!

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