I’m just a dumb eskimo; but seriously, how’s that supposed to be good weather?

In the past there have been days where I have been somewhat oblivious to the outside world, but I have never been quite as bas as this next caller…

Me: Thank you for calling the *****’s call center this is Andrew speaking how can I help you today?

Caller: Hey can you help me with a problem?

Me: yes sir the first thing I’m going to need to know is your name and unit number.

Caller: I’m john and what unit Number?

Me: the restaurant your calling from.

Caller: Oh im a *****’s.

Me: (insert facepalm here) yes sir I know you’re a *****’s I need to know which though what restaurant number are you.

Caller: oooh, im unit XXXX

Me: okay and how can I help you?

Caller: my satellites down

Me: Okay and what’s the weather like in your area.

Caller: It’s alright how about yours? (I love how they always assume I’m asking them this for small talk instead of trying to find out if the weather might be affecting their satellite)

Me: (double checking weather.com I find there is a hurricane with his restaurant literally in the center of the worst of it…) sir can you verify the address of your store.

Caller: sure I’m at –redacted-(it was the address I was looking at.)

Me: Okay sir it looks like your experiencing a hurricane in your area this is what is causing your credit cards to go out as the satellite cannot pass through the hurricane. I thought you said the weather was alright?

Caller: oh well I haven’t been out there in a while I didn’t know. Thanks for your help can we get credit cards to go through now?

Me: no sir not until the hurricane passes through you’ll need to use your offline procedures until then.

John The Aussie

~ by noriliszione on September 24, 2011.

2 Responses to “I’m just a dumb eskimo; but seriously, how’s that supposed to be good weather?”

  1. Serious moron!

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