I’m just a dumb eskimo; but seriously, How can you be this stupid?

Sometimes I get calls that make me wonder if my 7 year old nephew would not make a better manager then them. This was one of those times.

Me: Thank you for calling the *****’sCallCenterthis is Andrew speaking how can I help you today?

Caller: Yes hi this is Felisha calling from the dennys restaurant on Johnson blvd and I have a problem.

Me: Okay ma’am the first thing I need is your unit number it should be located on one of your receipts.

Caller: oh that yea im unit XXXX.

Me: Okay how can I help you today?

Caller: Well none of my credit cards are working how I get them to work?

Me: okay it looks like I don’t have a connection to your store what’s the PC say.

Caller: it aint say nothin’

Me: you mean it’s not displaying anything? Is it turned on?

Caller: nah it’s turned off.

Me: Okay could you turn it on for me…

Caller: it wont turn on

Me: Okay can you verify it’s plugged in for me then.

Caller: okay let me get a flashlight this ones dying.

Me: (with trepidation in my voice I ask the question) why do you need a flashlight ma’am do you have lights on?

Caller: No our powers been out for an hour now.

Me: Okay ma’am these computers wont work without power your gonna need to close until you get power again.

Caller: are you sure my sons computer works without power.

Me: is his a laptop?

Caller: Yes.

Me: That’s why ma’am they have a portable power source that allows them to work for a few hours without being plugged in.

Caller: Oh ok then. Can I plug this into a laptop?

Me: No Ma’am your going to need to close you don’t have lights as it is.

Later that night the manager called back and spoke to another technician… she was wondering why her camera were unable to work right then… they still did not have power.

John The Aussie

~ by noriliszione on September 17, 2011.

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    That is all.

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