I’m Just a dumb Miner – who has plans

Hi there!  This is one of those posts where the author anounces change, makes some bullshit excuse why they couldn’t make posts (*cough* lazy)…

So here’s what changes will be made in the very close future…

The Aussie Vs The Infected will be taken down, for an editing process and a few changes and will crop up elsewhere

Picture header will changed to suit three of the manliest (bahahahahaha) of men.

I will be adding to friends of mine as editors to this site to share their stories as “Dumb Cowboy” and “Dumb Eskimo” and More

So the area will become a general bitch session for three blokes(and sheila’s) of different backgrounds, with great yarns, for those that are in America – you’ll be able to understand these two a little easier without having to google aussie slang and phrases every second paragraph.

I hope you find their stories as good as I did…  I look forward to reading theirs as well as sharing mine with them and all of my HUGE (10?) base of readers…

If you have any problems with this, well, I was warned not to insult readers because I might drop down to 11 clicks a day instead of the average of 15…

What I want from my readers is suggestions of what our header picture should be… I’ll probably not take any of your advice, but let’s say “I will really really think about it. It’s such a great idea, why are you not in the business of suggesting shit?”

Looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Sleeping Insomniac

~ by John the Aussie on August 22, 2011.

6 Responses to “I’m Just a dumb Miner – who has plans”

  1. bahahaha oh this is going to get a little crazy. Can’t wait! Dumb Eskimo and Dumb Cowboy hihihiihi. I am looking forward to it. Maybe I should add my Dumb Sales Assistant stories to my blog…or not…might get annoyed at the thoughts lol
    Put the three musketeers as the header pic? 😛

  2. Cant Wait to see what all of you think of them.

  3. LOL :)))

  4. Looking forward to it!

  5. LMAO.. I never actually *read* the front page, I always went straight to the stories. oops 🙂

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