I’m Just a dumb Miner – whats your excuse? Chicks, Birds & long legs PART 2

John The AussieOkay so you remember the dude who mistook the brolga for the emu… well it goes on…. a few days after he tells me he ‘Googled’ flamingoes in Australia and apparently the last one in we had in the beautiful country died at the Taronga Zoo not long ago. He also told me he looked up the lake eyre flamingo and is called a Phoeniconotius Eyrensis. He also thought I’d like to informed that the only two countries in the world that don’t have flamingoes are Australian and Antarctica – he was about to go on, but I had to let him down gently saying – “Mate, I really don’t fucking care!”

John The AussieSo I was giving him a lift back again this afternoon for some reason he came over from Sarsfield to do something where we were.  He asked me to slow down so he could take a picture.  I have to admit I could not see anything along the road anywhere or to the sides…. Eventually I stop as he pulls out his camera and takes a photo of the top of a tree about 50m off the road.  His head being in the way and the fact Im on the middle of the road stopped I wasn’t paying attention to him or the tree just if there was traffic coming.

I ask what is it (after the 20umthing photo) he says it’s a bunch of Cockatiels – (I think no wonder I couldn’t see them).Than from the haze of the dusk I here ARK ARK – “Dude thats Cockatoo’s not Cockatiels”

“No John, They are cockatiels.  Just because I was wrong about the emu once”

“No seriously dude those big white birds in that white gum tree there are cockatoo’s cockatiels are allot smaller different crest and everything… those are cockatoo, like the black cockatoo’s.”

John The Aussie“Red tailed Black Cockatiel’s you mean!”

“Theres yellow tailed aswell but they are bloody Cockatoo’s!!!”

“Listen John, you wanna put a carton on it.”

“Right straight to the pub”

We rock up to the pub and I told him to ask about the “Red tailed Black Cockatiels”.  The Barman (easily in his 70’s) doesn’t flinch – you mean cockatoos mate.  Yeah been hanging around the area sinceYasi, bit more food out this way and all.

The bloke turns around looks at me and blurts ‘I’m not paying”

I jump in the ute and drive back to camp.  Without him.

John The Aussie

~ by John the Aussie on July 25, 2011.

6 Responses to “I’m Just a dumb Miner – whats your excuse? Chicks, Birds & long legs PART 2”

  1. […] I’m Just a dumb Miner – whats your excuse? Chicks, Birds & long legs PART 2 […]

  2. I jump in the ute and drive back to camp. Without him.


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  4. Did you do the picture as well? Love it!

    I think you’ve gotta keep your head down and ignore this dude next time you see him! 🙂

    For the record, if you’re clearly in the wrong, why go on making a blue-tit of yourself. (Sorry, cheesy pun had to happen!)

    • Nah the pictures should be linked to original sources if their not mine… And I definately diddn’t draw that…

      But your right, no point in making yourself look like a blue footed booby.

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