I’m Just a dumb Miner – whats your excuse? Poor Smithy….

Smithy “Do you seriously know everything”John The Aussie

Me -“I’d be fucked in a superconductor plant, with time travel, knowing the order of the era’s, who napolean was married too, who jack the ripper was, if they really landed on the moon or not and I wouldn’t have a clue which boy you kissd first”

Smithy “Dude I’m not gay I’m married with kids”

Me -“So was Elton John”

Smithy “…Can’t argue with your Logic”


Smithy – “Oi mate, why do you feed the birds at your workshop” John The Aussie

Me – “If they stick around they eat the bugs, moths and other annoying things”

Smithy – “Shit…..”

Me – “What?”

Smithy – “Fucking butcher birds keep trying to have a go at me”

Me – “See works!”

Smithy – “Fuck Your Logic”


Smithy – “Mate…. why do you think those tadpoles are in that water there?”

Me – “Cause if they were in that tree over there (pointing away) they would die”

Smithy – “Fucks sake…. I even went as far as to think, there isn’t a smart ass reply to this”

Me – “Oh so it wasn’t one of those random question?”

Smithy – “No it was a legit question, why are they on a side of the mountain in a puddle?”

Me – “Because its the perfect breeding ground, sun half the day shade the other half, the underground stream constantly flows from the mountain which refreshes the water, the rods give them the protection they need from predators”

Smithy – “Do you feed them too?”

Me – “I have no idea what tadpoles eat”

Smithy – “Oh can I feed them?”

Me – “Do you know what they eat?”

Smithy – “No, but what can ham do? (pulling out bread)”

Me – “I’d put that away if I were you”

Smithy – “Dude its only ham wh.. !!! FUCKING BUTCHER BIRDS!!!!”

Me – “Don’t give them the ham!! Bah now they got the taste for meat, you’d better run.”
John The Aussie

~ by John the Aussie on July 10, 2011.

3 Responses to “I’m Just a dumb Miner – whats your excuse? Poor Smithy….”

  1. I’m glad there are no butcher birds in the US. I always laugh at these, thanks for making my day a little better.

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