I’m Just a dumb Miner – whats your excuse? Timing is everything.

After printing out an e-mail of how to change settings on the sharpenning machine – I recieved from the boss I walked into the crib room to make a coffee – (I really really like coffee so I’m there about 4 times a day with a cup thats big enough to fit 2.5 cups into)

John The Aussie

….to make a coffee and a the shotcreters on site were in their having a laugh about a few blokes at the mine – a couple of lines were thrown my way.

“Bloody hell I swear you come up here and make coffee about 3 times a day – do you do anywork?”
*Dude, I come in – you’s are at the table – I make the coffee and I go – you’s are still at the table – I come back three hours later – same seats same table”

“But seriously how do we get a job like yours – it’s like someones gotta die or get promoted to become a bit sharpener”

“Or kill – every bit sharpener I know is a devious and quick witted prick – well until John got here”

But after a few lame ones from the new blokes they moved on quickly to the more simple blokes of the mine.

As they were chatting I sat down cause it was funny conversations and I put my printouts , upside down on the table + my phones cause sitting with things in pockets are annoying. One of the blokes asks why I had two phones – I explained one was my personal phone and one was my work phone –

“See we can always take a chapter out of the bit sharpeners life – he gets paid less, he works all day in the most boring job and he still gets a company phone & car – where we get paid, what 5 G’s more and we have no car no phone and we have to find our own way to work”

I was by this stage picking up the phones and putting them in my pocket and about to pickup my printouts

“Yeah but knowing John – he’s probably got his life sorted out in precision like a set of instructions or something”

I flipped the printout like it was my queue and let the blokes get a glance before rolling the 20 or so pages up and placing them in my pocket. The front page read

“Instructions for “John”

As I’m walking out the boss of jetcrete says – “I swear he gets up in the morning and goes – “Do I make them look stupid today or just fuck with their minds?”

John The Aussie

~ by John the Aussie on July 4, 2011.

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