I’m Just a dumb Miner – whats your excuse? It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in argument.

It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in argument.”

William G. McAdoo

So I’ve done most of my work and it was time for lunch, so I headed into the crib room. 3 blokes were sitting at a table chatting about Australia and how Australians know nothing about us. As I’m making my lunch, the following conversation has taken place (please note names are random I have no idea who they are)

Moe – more than half the population still can’t tell you who our first prime minister was.

Curly – Who was it?

Moe – SEE! It was Edward Burton

Me – Edmund Barton…..
John The Aussie
Moe – What?

Me – His name was Edmund Barton not Edward Burton

Moe – No it was Edmund Barton…

Me – Burton or Barton?

Moe – Barton! Edward Barton…

Moe – Listen smart ass (to me) I bet you can’t even name the ship Australia was discovered on.

Me – If your refering to James Cook it was the HMS Endeavour or Bark Endeavour whatever you prefer – but he wasn’t the first non-indigenous person to discover Australia.

Moe – Yeah he was dickhead

Me – No “Dickhead” it was Captain Janzoon on the Duyfken.
John The Aussie
Moe – (getting pretty agitated) Listen smart ass we were talking about the 50 dollar note – the Aboriginal on it

Me – David Unaipon? What about him?

Moe – Umm yeah him – do you know what he did for a living

Me- Yeha he was a preacher

Moe- No he was an inventor

Me – No he was a preacher he invented and wrote for the sydney newspaper and wrote dreamtime stories in his spare time.

Curly – Is there anything else you wanted to ask him (talking to Moe) or have you proven your an idiot already?

Moe – Yeah who’s on the other side of the note?

Me – First female parliment member.

Moe – Whats her name?

Me – Fucks me. Who is it?

Moe – See he doesn’t even know

Me – So who was it?

Moe – Go work it out

Curly – So who is it?

Moe – I don’t know.

Curly – I think you should give up Moe…

Moe – no this little prick isn’t gonna make me look stupid.

Me – Ok I’m sorry. It’s obvious you can do it all by yourself.
(as I’m walking out the door) Have a good lunch gents. And thanks for the conversation.

All I can think about at this stage is – THANK GOD FOR TRIVIA!

John The Aussie


~ by John the Aussie on July 4, 2011.

25 Responses to “I’m Just a dumb Miner – whats your excuse? It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in argument.”

  1. Well they say you learn a new thing everyday, I think I learnt about five already. Thanks SI!

  2. […]  I’m Just a dumb Miner – whats your excuse? It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in argumen… […]

  3. This is hilarious. It is a shame thouhg, that I would fall under the wrong category.

  4. The mark of true incompetence comes when the person in question has no idea how stupid he or she is.

  5. Flattery earns you extra points! Here’s the original source: http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/06/20/the-anosognosics-dilemma-1/

    • I laughed aloud when I read about the bank robber, but came quite concerned as I read on… How much do I think I know which I really don’t…

      An amazing article. Brings a few things into perspective, makes me question myself… I’ll be looking into the 5 part series he promises at the end of his article too. Thanks David

  6. I laughed quite a bit at…

    “Moe – no this little prick isn’t gonna make me look stupid.

    Me – Ok I’m sorry. It’s obvious you can do it all by yourself.”

    But truth be told… I know a little more about Australia now.

    • To be honest, that moment recieved the least laughs in the room that day.

      It’s amazing, the spermology that collects in your mind. Even more so the moments you can incorporate the collection of trivial crap into real life conversations. From constant contact with survivalists in America, Europe, Malaysia and Brazil I keep learning more and more about society, history and mythology. And love it.

  7. Oh, to work in a place where one feels free to speaks one’s mind without fear of reprisals from the harassment goons. Guess I’ll just have to live vicariously through your conversations.

    • Oh it has gotten me into many of fisty cuffs as a younger lad and in trouble with a few past bosses.

      I’ve been told that the filter of ‘fear of reprimand’ was never built into me a few times.

  8. Thanks for dropping by my Blog. Thought yours was pretty funny.

  9. Hey, John thanks fer stopping by my site…I find that usually if someone likes my blog enough to follow me, there’s a good chance I’ll feel the same…plus yer an Aussie (like America’s bad-ass cousin)anyway l found this post hilarious-God bless brains that collect trivial facts like lint screens catch lint

    • Oh hey I was just sifting through your site too!


      I’m digging your humor and was about to get into your Weeds of Wisdom, until a bleep of an email alert came through and I was interupted by yaself. Well now that I’m distracted, I’ll get back to it later. Thanks for stopping by mate, hope to see uou in the future.

  10. I love the way you handled this! Excellent! : )

  11. Your mind is truly um extraordinary. Yeah, that’s the word. LOL it’s a good one and now I’m going to look up these people. The things I do for knowledge.

    • Thanks, um, I think?

      My favourite remark once was “Your head is like random pages of encyclopedia, something you know, some you know half of and sometimes you need to shut the fuck up John.” specifically aimed at the randomness of trivia brought up from the depths of my mushed up brain.

  12. Oh crap, is THAT why I always seem to “win”? 🙂 Awesome blog!!

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